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Hi everyone,
I am sorry for not responding to so many of your posts. I am just not able to sit down at my computer any more. Please know this, I think the world of all of you who helped me through all this and am glad to call you my FRIENDS.

Went for a CT last Tuesday and go to see the ENT next Tuesday. The tech said that I would like the pictures. So I think everything will be fine.

Best Wishes to all of you and blessings to everyone!!!


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Sounds great on the scan. Wishing you the best.


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Glad you checked in, and I'm glad you are well.

Kent Cass
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This doesn't sound very good...it sounds Excellent! Oh yeah.


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Hi Steven, thanks for the up-date my friend.

Take care and keep doing well

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Pam M
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Hope you're not able to sit down at the computer because you're too busy. Great news on the CT - the tech would know what they're talking about. Do well.

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Hey Steve, no apology needed. I know you are there and I hope you know I am here. I am jumping around the place with Joe's pogo stick at your news! Please post when you get the official results.

Love ya man!



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Not to jump the gun, but sounds like great news to me! By not being on much lately, I'm gonna assume everythings going well for you. I sure hope that's the case!

Take 'er easy Dude!


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Good for you! Merry Christmas

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Steve, the CT scan results sound great! I hope the reason you can't sit at the computer resolves itself in short order.

Take care,


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