sclerotic lesion

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my husband has small cell lung cancer limited he finished his treatments a couple of weeks ago(cisplatin and etopiside as well as 33 radiation treatments) he went in for his first scan tuesday of this week and his tumors in his chest have dissapeared he had a great response. the radiologist even questioned the doctor as to if he even had lung cancer to begin with this made us very happy as you can imagine however the doctor said i am quite confused because we discovered on your iliac bone (pelvis) a 1.5 centimeter sclerotic lesion she said we have to put you in for testing to see what it is. she says it could be the cancer spread to your bones but she says she finds that hard to believe to have such a huge response in your chest (one of my husbands tumors in his chest was 6 centimeters and that is completely gone) and then have it grow some where else so soon after treatment. he had a bone scan yesterday and we will find out the results monday i wondered if any of you had dealt with anything like this any advice would be greatly appreciated thankyou tracy