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Sleeping problem

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Hello there,
My mum didn't have any sleep longer than 1 hour for more than a week now. I've tried the method suggest here, e.g., warm foot bath, hand and foot massages. She still can't sleep long. The oncologist doesn't want to give her sleeping pills. Any other ways to give her a good night sleep?
Many thanks!

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An Integrative Medicine specialist at Memorial Sloan Kettering recommended essential oil of Lavendar, but be sure it is Lavendula Angustofolia. I found a diluted formula (Aura Cacia Aromatherapy Stick - Lavender) that you can put directly on skin (near my nose). If it is the pure essential oil, put a drop on a cloth or her pillowcase. About 20 minutes after breathing the oil, I become very sleepy, and I've been sleeping through the night since I started using this (first time in YEARS!)

My husband is even using it!

It's worth a try.


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Hi Alice,

Thanks a lot! I will try it once I got the Lavender essential oil.

Have a good weekend.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I'm the same way especially since chemo started. I sleep maybe an hour here and there. sometimes I get lucky and might make it to 2 hours later in my chemo round. I hate trying to catch up on sleep because you never really can.

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but learned to nap whenever I could and whenever I needed it. Even going out to my car if I was working, setting my cell phone alarm for 20 minutes, and relaxing. There seems to be a social stigma about napping in America...I, personally, think it is a GREAT idea!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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