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Too funny!!!

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Steve has been doing the laundry lately to keep me from going up and down the stairs from the laundry room. Anyways..I heard him in the bedroom opening and closing the drawers and then he popped his head into the living a few minutes ago and said he switched my bottle of Prednisone from my panty drawer to my sock drawer. He said that nasty medicine doesn't deserve to be in with my pretty panties. I laughed so hard that I cried..hahaha! I always hide my pred in my underware drawer after I'm done taking it and don't pull it out until the day of my chemo treatment...(out of sight, out of mind)ha! I think Steve is even more ready than me to have these treatments done with. Now I need to write myself a note about the drawer switch...hahaha!

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Oh yes the dreaded pred, gawd how i hated those pills, it got to the point i couldnt even swallow them with out bringing them back up, i told my doc this and she said i dont care what you do to get them down just do it,i suffered trying to keep them down before i went to chemo, so needless to say you can imagine how i felt by the end of the chemo session keep your sense of humor, it will get you through the worse of times, i know it did for me, kept me from crying, take care
Chris(FNHL)stage3(04-08)in remission

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It won't work to write yourself a note. You will forget what you did with the note. I learned that one early. John

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Not if you insist on using this idea, John - you will remember it, ha. I find myself sticking to one liner that I use over and over then add on to it in connection to something I want to remember. Sometimes it works. Grins. When it doesn't, I use short song verses or visualize scenes to distract myself... I never remember whole songs because I am deaf since birth but when I am able to think of verses or scenes, thankfully this saves me from going batty with anxiety! I surely welcome the visualization of pretty bright colored panties rather than seeing medication bottles all over my shelf, haha ha!! HEY, I realize the bottles are on the shelf across from my bed which I look at all the time. Good idea for me to remove them out of sight. Thanks, Sue!!


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