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What is the best flavour of Ensure?

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Hi evveryone,

I want to supplement my food intake as I do not have much appetite right now. I may try Ensure, I haven't tried it for along time but remember it as not tasting that great - does anyone have a flavour suggestion?

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I only liked Vanilla. I have heard Boost is better, but I have not tried it.

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chocolate definitely

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Hi,i personaly did not try any but my huby is supplementing with ensure he likes the choclate one says strawberry one too sweet.Hope it helps.


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George found the Vanilla the best. I, also, heard Boost tastes better. Another thing you might want to try is Carnation Instant Breakfast, just mix it with milk, have it along with meals for the extra calories or by itself. The cost is substantially less than Ensure or Boost.

Take care- Tina

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Milk Chocolate was the only one for me. Didn't like Boost either, had a funny taste to me.


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That's a kind of milk shake but without milk?

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I got mine in strawberry ,not too good not too bad!

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Hugs, Kathi

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I would take a chocolate ensure or boost, in a coffee cup, mic it about a minute- sprinkle a bit of cinnamon on top. It was a bit of a bright spot in what I could consume.

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After surgery I used Boost strawberry and have to say it had a pretty good flavor.

I was never able to use Ensure as it always had a bit of a metalic taste for me.

Marie who loves kitties

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I haven't been using ensure as I don't like the taste. When the oxy isn't a problem and I can drink colder stuff, I do milkshakes and add strawberries and bananas.

When I can't drink cold stuff, I go with heavy whipping cream, hot water and whey protien powder. I like all those flavors better than ensure. Vanilla, strawberry or chocolate. And I get all the great nutrients I need.

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National store brands, like CVS, if you have similar in Canada, are good and a little cheaper. You might also prefer the "Plus" versions as you get an extra 100 or so calories for the same volume of liquid. I survived on this stuff during Tx until I got appetite back. Now, I generally drink only one can a day Hope all doing as well as can be.......steve

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Hi Anne,

My mum likes chocolate flavor. I've also tried both and they are good to me. I personally do not like the taste of Impact though. I will try Prosure next time.


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