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spam filter problems

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As you know, we've had increased problems with spamming on the boards lately. In an attempt to minimize spam, a spam filter was installed this morning. The filter has been marking some posts as spam which are not spam and blocking the authors (i.e. members) from posting on the boards.

Please excuse this inconvenience while we adjust the spam filter settings and restore access to the members who have been affected.

My sincere apologies to all. As always, I appreciate your patience and understanding.

Your CSN staff

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Glenna M
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Thank you for the explanation. I just sent an e-mail as I am one of the people who are being blocked and couldn't understand why.

Hopefully this will be fixed today.

Thanks again,

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LOL, Glenna, really....do you think they made a mistake with you...LOL, jus teasing you...one of the abi-normal club.


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Glenna M
Posts: 1576
Joined: May 2009

Only the select few members of the abi-normal club know the truth :)

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Pam M
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Thanks for the info, Greta. And thanks, too for helping to thwart the spammers.

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Thank you thanks you thank you

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