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husband with small cell lung cancer 1st scan

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my husband has limited small cell lung cancer he was diagnosed in august of this year he just finished his last chemo treatment thanksgivivng week and finished radiation as well he went in for his first scan tuesday and got his results back yesterday the news was wonderful as well as questionable he had a 6 centimeter tumor as well as smaller tumors on his lung they have all dissapeared the 6 centimeter tumor is just tissue now we are elated however they discovered something small on his pelvic bone they are going to go in and do a bone scan and then take it from there. the oncologist finds it hard to believe that it would be cancer considering he had such a huge response to the tumors in his lung however you can not rule it out but she does find it strange i just wondered if anyone has gone through anything similiar or has any advice thankyou tracy

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luz del lago
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Hi Tracy,
In my experience ( my hubby has extensive small cell lung cancer, dx in April of this year) it seems that every good result comes with a but! My hubby had a good response to his first line chemo and had whole brain radiation as a prophylactic treatment. Just when he had finished the radiation, we were told that the cancer was in several of his bones. Something they had seen before, but could not say for sure as the cancer in his lung and liver had responded so well to the chemo. So now, they are sure, and since his cancer has recurred, he is now receiving chemo again. It is the hope of all that this chemo helps, if by just simply arresting the growth! Never give up hope! There are many things in this journey that simply have no explanation, for good or bad. We believe that by concentrating on the "good" news, life will be all the sweeter!
Best wishes to you and your hubby,

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Iv'e just been told that i have the same cancer as your husband.Can you tell me how he's holding up to chemo.I go into the chat room but can't find a person with the diosgest as mine an sounds like your husband treatment can help me with mine. It's scarey don't know what to exspect.Does he have cancer of the lung an moved into liver.

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My husband has been diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer. His PET Scan also lit up in the area outside the colon. They were going to biopsy the area outside the colon but are saying it is too difficult to get to so they want him to start chemo. I am confused as if there is 5% chance that the PET scan is wrong, why would they proceed as if it's conclusive. Oncologist is telling us 6 months to a year at best - do you have any words of encouragement?

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I am sorry to hear of your husband's diagnosis. You will find people on ths board who have survived a number of years with serious cancer diagnosis. I have just been diagnosed and persnally, I will not have a doctor tell me a time line. I believe fighhting the disease with the right medical care and a positive approach is the only way to go. For me, I need to always find a way to laugh. I don't have the answers, but you may want to consider reading the book Love, Medicine, and Miracles by Dr. Bernie Siegel.

Best wishes to you and your husband always.


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