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I think I peed my pants..........

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On no, it was just another CT scan. Also did the eeeeeeeeee and had few other acts of torture performed on me. But at 8 months all is still clear.

I did have something come up a few weeks ago though that I hadn't heard of before. There was a very rough spot along the inside of my gumline that was irritating my tongue, in fact cutting it at times. I asked my ENT when I went in yesterday to look at it. He called it tarsa (?? - didn't write it down, so probably got the name wrong). It is where the skin is so thin over the jaw bone below the teeth and with the lack of saliva, the skin just tears away. Anyway, not too fun. He used some device to grind down (no painkillers) the bone so it's smooth and gave some antibacterial mouthwash to heal up the opening. Feels great now though, inside of my mouth is smooth as a baby's but. Hadn't heard of that one before so thought I'd give a warning. He said if you let this go it could affect the exposed bone.

Thanks for everyone's support over the last 8 months!

Positive thoughts to all!


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Glad all is well. Wasn't sure where we were going with that thread title. Lol. That gum thing sounds painful. :( thanks for the heads up.

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See I knew that would happen, LOL....


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Pam M
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And love the notion that after hearing so many "all clears" or "NEDs" here, it continues to make me very happy every time.

Had never heard of tarsa. Sounds like a special kind of experience - gald your doc has been able to help.

Oh - and I REALLY wish that before my first CT last year the tech had warned me about that special potential sensation.

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Don't you just love it! I was lucky & warned before hand! Congratulations on your clean scan.
Also thank you so much for the warning. I have never heard of Tarsa either.

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Greg, that is wonderfull news to hear. You and your family must be estatic.

I look forward to seeing you next Tuesday. You inspire me to keep fighting the good fight.


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Glad to read it Greg. Not the peeing part but the all clear part. Keep it clean and strong.


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I had written this before I got filtered for spam - it was funny then. In any case, the bony protrusion is called a torus mandibularis (torus for short) and they grow due to trauma to the jaw (mine are due to a lifetime of grinding my teeth). They are not a problem except for the case you described, where abrasive conditions cause the gum to wear away. They can be ground down, but grow back, so keep an eye on yours. Mine have grown to the point where I can't really fit my tongue into my lower jaw, but I've never had sores, so I live with it.

(For the non-Yiddish speakers: tsoris is pain, suffering)

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Glenna M
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Don't you just love that warm, fuzzy feeling - LOL

Congrats on the clean scan. Love reading these types of posts.

Stay well,

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Glenna, you just made tea come out my nose, thanks. Funny. I know where Tracey gets it from BTW. :)

hope you had a good day.

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Glenna M
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You're right Dawn...Tracy doesn't stand a chance because her father and I both have warped senses of humor. But it makes life more fun and interesting!!

Glad I could make you laugh but sorry the tea came out your nose...hope you didn't spray it all over Nizzy - lol

Take care

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Nah, he is always under the snuggie so he was fine. Lol. He is next to me now, under my snuggie, just his head is sticking out and his head is resting on my arm. He's out cold, as usual. :)

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Hey Greg. Congrats! I'm almost at eight months post treatments too. I head downtown to MDAnderson Monday for "that nice warm feeling" test and all the other cool things that come a-la-cart with it.

I had dental tori before treatment, and they were all removed prior to my treatments when I had pre-treatment biopsies...I was told by my dentist that they are caused by clinching or grinding the teeth. I'm a clincher.


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D Lewis
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Thanks for sharing the great news on the clear scans! Happy dance here.

I haven't had the tori issues yet. I did experience my gums receding, after all the swelling went down and the sores went away. Dentist says it isn't all that serious, i.e. not to the point where she would recommend skin grafts. eeek. darn. Knew I was getting 'longer in the tooth' but didn't know that treatment would exacerbate that.


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Eight months is a very good start!

Now, go change your pants before you go dancing.

Take care,


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Time to start wearing depends so you don't have a problem in the future. ;-)

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Great to see the positive in a negative world and even better to see a fish that size in my boat

Take Care

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Always glad to hear good news!

Kent Cass
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Very good of you to bring this subject up, Greg. I had the same problem on both lower-sides beneath my back teeth- where bone protruded out in my gums, and caused canker sores on both sides of my tongue. Rad Dr. sent me to a Periodontist back in the summer of 09, who also ground away the exposed bone beneath the level of my gums, in hopes that gum tissue would collapse over it. This seems to have happened, and the problem was taken care of.

And congratulations on your good news, my friend. Great to hear.


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Again, thanks for your support! You guys (& gals) are the best!!! When I get my tatt, I'm gonna put a pic of each and everyone of you on the tatt..........ok, maybe not.

Postive thoughts to all!

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