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Seasonal Thoughts and Wishes

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Dear Friends,

At this time of the year when the holidays and year end approach, we often look back to earlier days.

I hope that regardless of where you or your loved one is on this journey we share, that you will find good memories to warm your heart.

As we recall the ones who are no longer here with us, let us remember their love of life and strengths. We miss them, but they will not be forgotten. They would want us to smile as we think of them, even if accompanied by a tear.

Each and every one of you has found the joy of sharing and caring for others, be it family or the friends you have made here. It is heartwarming to see the outpouring of love that is given when one of us is in need of a shoulder to lean on, or an ear to hear our woes.

The comradery exhibited here is a single example that even in adversity there can be something good to be found.

We usually greet newcomers with something along the lines of “Wish you didn’t have to be here”. I wish none of us had to be here and that places like this didn’t need to exist. But we are, and they do, so we move on with life as gracefully as we can.

Be you a regular poster, a caregiver, a lurker, whatever…

May you find peace in your mind
Strength in your body
Love in your heart
And good health in the remainder of 2010 and all through 2011

Hugs for all,
Marie who loves kitties

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Couldn't have said it better. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the card, it arrived a few days ago. Happy Holidays.


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l would like to improve my English to can write something like this !.
Have a very nice Christmas, with peace, love and health!.
Hugs Marie!

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Improving is always a good thing Pepe, but for now I think your written accent is fine and adorable.


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I love to read your posts with the "accent"...so don't you worry too much about improving

Merry Christmas!

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That was so nice Marie. Everyone here is so nice and caring.


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said it all so perfectly, thanks for my xmas card too and for thinking of me


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Thank you Marie, beautiful!


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Thank you for the wonderful post. Same to you as well.


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