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Cat Scan

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In 3 weeks it will be one year since I did the Zevalin. So now last Wednesday I will do my second cat scan this year.
I go tomorrow for my results. This is the first time they did not call me to let me know it is ok so I would not worry.
Well I know I could have called them but really do not want to know sooner. So now I waited to go to the Oncologist tomorrow to get my results. And go for a port flush.
I will post tomorrow night.
Thanks so much for all the support.
Love you all and wish you all well.

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Hi Hilde,
I had my scan results sent to me at home. My doctor didn't call or see me for 12 days after I received the scan results in the mail. Kind of ticked me off, but the scan results were good, so I guess if the results had been bad he probably would of called....I guess! I'll do the same with my next scan results..have them sent to me. I'm getting good at reading the reports...haha! Good luck...hope the news is good..I'll be looking for your post!Fingers crossed!
Love...Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)

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Just a reminder to let us know about your scan results that you got today.

Tom (DLBCL-4-7/10)

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