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Fibrosarcoma in a Teenager

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I got diagnosed with having a low grade fibrosarcoma in my lower abdomen just floating around (only attatched with a few fibers) in October and I can't help but feel I'm alone on that one. Im 19 years old and just don't know what to think. I had the tumor removed, it was the size of an orange on October 1st and now I'm heading back in on the 13th of December to remove more tissue to get a "negative margin."Apparently they didn't take enough tissue out the first time because they didn't actually know what the mass was and I just am getting a little nervous right now with all the doctors I've seen and the fact I'm back to surgery in under 2 months. Best wishes,


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Hi Derek,

My son is 20, just starting his second year in college. He was having pain in his leg; in September they found a 11.5 cm tumor in his pelvis. They removed it, but, like you, could not get negative margins. His was a high grade. He is going in for his fourth round of chemo today (if a bed becomes available).

Do you have NF? Where do you live?

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hang in there pal my husband who is a vet had a 22ccm on his thigh
they were able to save his leg and life
he is much older than u
find a sarcoma center
ucla/cedar sinai deals with sarcomas
much love
we will pray

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hi my son cody was also just recently diagnosed with 2 tumors removed in his shoulder and after surgery they now want to do another to scrape the muscle for more cells and then radiation, he is 17 in two weeks and terrified and refuses further treatment at this time. we are scared and 8 hours from his dr. we will redo follow up and mri's in another 6 months and i hope all is fine or my son finally agrees to one of the treatments.
xmas mom

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