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Vaginal Cancer Stage III

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I see that there are NO Cancer specific discussion on Vaginal Cancer. It is bad enough to know this is a rare type of cancer (yes I looked in rare, and only 1 post was there) thus leaving one to feel all alone :( If at all possible, since I signed up for this site, is there ANY links to give for other sites that deal with this type of cancer? My gosh I feel so all alone. I want so desperately to speak to other women!!! Please, can anyone help me?

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Sorry to hear of your diagnosis. You could go on the gynecological site or uterine site. Or you could also post a new topic. Good luck, I hope this helps! "Carole"

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I am so sorry to hear that you have this rare form of cancer, but you are not alone. Call the American Cancer Society to see if they have any resources that might be of assistance. Ask your oncologist, too. Even if you can't find others with this type of cancer, those with other types may be of some help. Sadly, many have many forms of cancer. Our cancer support group has peole with different types of cancer but can still share many of the same feelings. Best of luck to you. Fay

Cindy Bear
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Hi I am sorry about your cancer diagnosis. I believe if you visit the gynecological discussion board, there are women with that same diagnosis.. just do a search, or start a new thread and I am sure they will chime in.
Good luck!

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