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Rest in Peace Elizabeth Edwards

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Our sister Elizabeth Edwards has lost her battle with breast cancer. God has called her home to rest forever in Heaven and she no longer is suffering. She was a great woman who had a rough final 6 years battling her disease. May God also bless her two children that she has left behind.

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I am so sorry to hear this, may she rest in peace.

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I'm sorry to hear the bad news,may she rest in peace.

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Linda Z
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Rest in peace Elizabeth. I so admired you

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I'm feeling very sad about her today. She actually has 3 living chldren. One daughter is older. They also had a son, Wade, who was killed in a car accident when he was 16.

I pray her family always remembers her as a true blessing.


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I am glad she is in heaven and at peace.
I hope we all end up there as well not to soon.
Sorry for our loss.

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Posts: 227
Joined: Nov 2010

Pete you are so right in hoping that we all end up there one day. For me personally it gives me comfort to know that one day I will be in Heaven with the Lord and all of my past family members. I just hope I am not on the elevator upstairs for the next few decades at only 38 I still have much to do here on Earth for my family. God Bless my friend and have a great day.

Bobby in Dallas

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Sad to hear. She was a true lady and had so much to deal with.She kept her dignity. May she Rest in Peace. I hope her children are able to take her lessons and live wonderful lives.


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