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Mets to Liver questions

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Just got results of petscan after fourth round of chemo

Background: G is 36, was diagnosed stage IV nsclc adenocarcinoma in Sept, had distant mets to bones everywhere including spine and pelvise and femur, also mets to liver and peritoneum. His treatment is cisplatin, alimta, and Avastin.

G had a pet scan last month after 2nd round of chemo and again this week after 4th round. So far weve seen very dramatic improvement, especially in his chest: went from 15 cm to 3 cm!!!

But I'm concerned about the cancer's progression in the liver. Both scans showed more growth there, while everything else has shrunk. This scan shows thankfully less progression, no new spots, just enlargement of existing mets.

I'd like to hear from people with Liver mets about the response to treatment - was it spotty? no pun intended :)

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