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PET/CT Thursday 7:30 am

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It's off to Salt Lake on Wednesday with what looks like a decent break in the weather. Please send you good thoughts my way. Here's hoping for good news!

all the best, Leslie

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Best of luck for good news, Leslie!

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Wishing you nothing but the best results from your upcoming PET scan. I know how the nerves kick in the closer the scan gets, you try and put them on the back burner but they are upfront, and then the waiting is almost unbearable. Take a deep breath, keep yourself busy, heck, I'm not the one with cancer and I found myself in the kitchen baking some bread from scratch to keep busy, didn't work too well but the bread was great.

Take care - Tina

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I will be hoping for the best for you. Take care and don't forget to celebrate when there is good news. HUGS

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Nothing but warm and good thoughts being sent your way, especially on Thursday. Hoping for the best of news for you!!!
Winter Marie

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Sending out great thoughts to you that all will go well for you. Drive careful and hope the weather continues to give you a break.


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I send my prayers and vibes from here! hugs!

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Good thoughts go with you Leslie!


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I am hoping and praying for great results on your test. Hang in there!


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Wishing you a safe trip there and back with only good news from the scans.

Marie who loves kitties

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Good thoughts are with you!


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Good luck on your scan. Sending peaceful, good thoughts your way. I'll be waiting to hear good news!


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I am sending positive thoughts and prayers your way my friend. Know that you are wrapped up in our love to keep you warm and get you those good results.


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Hi Leslie,

I'm just seeing this Wed. night & so I am now saying a prayer that all will go well with your trip to Salt Lake and back and of course for good results on the scan.

Hugs to you-

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