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one year check up.....

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Joined: Oct 2009

Dec 8th......... been waiting for the results for two weeks now, tomorrow is it guys!

Isnt there a song that goes something like........ "and the waiting is the hardest part" ?

I can appreciate that ! :-)


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I will hope and pray for the best for your results on the 8th-B

Posts: 79
Joined: Oct 2009

With a big fat zero.

Went out with the family and celebrated at the local red lobster.......... I think that they ran out of food we ate so much :) The waitress asked if we were celbrating anything this evening........... I gave her an ear full !

Hope that all is well with the rest of y'all.


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Congratulations on your ZEROS. Hope that they follow you in many, many more updates.

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Congratulations and happy new year!

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