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Meeting with Onc/Test Results - Update

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Last couple weeks very busy on the cancer front. After bad news at scan results liver biposy ordered. Met with radiologist and had liver biopsy where they took 4 different samples of the liver. Doc wanted to be sure we were looking at mets and not something new cancer wise. Doc was a little more upbeat yesterday, said all 4 samples came back as necrotic tissue, dead. Thats the good news. He has ordered another biopsy which will be done this Thursday. My take on it was he wants them to biopsy closer to the surface and not quite so deep. We will meet with onc again next Monday. The plan is for George to go on CPT-11 to get this under control again.

It appears although there is progression it is maybe not as bad as first thought and hopefully we caught it early and can get George stable once again. There are no brain mets, bone mets, and all blood work and liver function testing is quite good.

Waiting is tough but one day at a time. We got George stable for more than a year and the way George sees it we did it once we can do it again.

Any advise on what to expect with CPT-11 other than the runs?

Take care everone- Tina

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Hi Tina,

Wonderful news to hear the tumors are necrotic tissue! Love his attitude- you can do this!
The advice on CPT-11 is mainly just the runs with sometimes stomach cramping. For me, it had a build up where I was really getting nauseated from it during infusion and right after. In spite of all they gave me (including even the Emend), nothing was helping and I was still going home and vomiting every time. That's the only chemo that's ever done that to me. I went as far as to get my med. mj card. Just filled it once & didn't feel comfortable though, as the particular dispensary I went to was raided just a few days after I went there. Legal though it supposedly is in Calif, the feds still give them a very hard time & I was just picturing myself ending up on the news, lol.
The only way I found relief finally was when I stopped taking it. I don't think that's the case with most people, though, and this didn't happen to me the first time I took it- it was the second time of being on it 6 or 7 months.
I think I just have a sensitive system, though, and maybe it was even more mental- I'd just walk in the place for infusion and smell the familiar smells and I'd instantly feel nauseated. Doesn't bother me now at all with the chemo I get.

Hope and pray all goes well for George-


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I was pretty upset to hear about George's progression; so this makes me very happy. This sounds much better, or at least not as bad. Hope you get more good news Monday. You absolutely can get back to stable. Maybe even better!!

I never got the runs with CPT-11. Kept waiting for it, but it never happened. It mostly made me tired and sick to my stomach. Never threw up. I got bad mouth sores on Folfori, which is supposed to be from the 5-FU, but I never had mouth sores last time on Folfox and after 2 treatments this time, i still don't. I guess the mix makes a difference. Like Lisa use to, I get the 'mental barfs.' I start gagging as soon as I walk through the doors to the treatment area. (Actually I feel sick when I drive past the cancer center. Now I chose a longer road to town that doesn't go past the hospital.)

Waiting is tough. Hope you two are enjoying the holiday season.


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I LOVE that term for the anticipatory nausea you get with treatment! I got that when I was on chemo the first time around, that's what the Ativan helped for me. Got to where I had to go to their other office for regular appts or I had to pretreat for bloodwork! :) For some reason, future rounds of chemo didn't produce the anticipatory nausea, but could be that I just automatically premedicated with Ativan :). I hope your treatments are going well, Roger

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I'm so glad for you both, and relieved. I second the hope you two are enjoying the season as you deal with the cancer front.

all the best, Leslie

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I am glad the news is better; this is one case where the word "dead" is good to hear! It sounds like George's doctor is being thorough. The only thing I have to add about irenotecan is hair loss. Take good care!

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Sounds like your doctor appointment went much better than you expected and that's great news. Glad there are no new mets too, that is excouraging news. Can't help you with the new treatments, but hoping that it will kill off what's left.


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tina that is better news.....sorry can't help with the drug


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better news for George...scan results can be false, misleading, or accurate and it is always nerve racking to wait for results that might FLAWED or something.

best to you both


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I have no experience with CPT-11 so I can't provide you with any practical advice. I do, however, keep you and George in my prayers and in my heart. George is right...you got him to stable once and so you will do it again.


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double post - sorry

Posts: 965
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double post - sorry

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I'm so glad you and George got a bit of a bright spot there. Whew! Good news is always welcome, right?


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Now you will time to enjoy this holidays with your family in a better shape !
Just a big hug to both !

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It sounds like better than expected news,always a bonus at Christmas time. I will be praying for the both of you.


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Looks like George is better than expected! That sounds promising. I am keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers.

Hugs and Healing,

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