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Dad just diagnosed

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My dad was recently diagnosed in the middle of November with IV NSC Lung Cancer with brain and liver mets.
Dad had whole braid radiation and is doing better and is coming to California for treatment at UCLA.
To say this has devastated my family is an understatement. My dad is 65 and quit smoking 12 years ago with the birth of my son. I am the oldest of three girls and we all see our dad as the greatest man who ever walked the earth.
My mom and dad are moving from Florida to my home to be closer to their family and doctors. Whatever the battle, whatever the outcome my dad plans on fighting.
I was just wondering if there was anyone who new of any support groups for family members in the southern california area.

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I am very sorry to hear about your dad. My sister in law was diagnosed with the exact diagnosis as your dad this past August. You are so right when you say this is beyond devastating for your family.

I don't know of any support groups in Southern California but I wanted to say that UCLA is an incredibly good place, and I know they will be able to guide you in finding a support group. If you are going to need to stay near the medical center overnight, the UCLA Guesthouse is a good place to stay and very close to the medical center.

Your dad is blessed to have three daughters who adore him so much. We've always treasured our family relationships but we've seen over the last months just how close we really are. Hold close together during these days.

Sending love.

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Thanks UCLA came highly recommended and is also where my dad had a heart workup and transplant list addition in 1998. Dad lost some hair after radiation but otherwise has kept or added weight. How is you family member doing and what type of chemo regimen was done?

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That is great that your dad has added weight since radiation. I'm sorry that I don't know the specifics of my sister in law's treatment regimens.

I know the area around UCLA quite well. Please let me know if you need recommendations for anything in the LA area. Check out Cedars Sinai for support groups, too. They are in the same area of LA and very highly regarded as well. If you have a church affiliation, let me know. I can recommend a couple of places that might offer cancer support groups.

Thinking of you.

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Check with UCLA or whichever hospital dad ends up at, and they almost certainly will know of support groups in the area, probably even one that meets within the hospital itself. Also check with the local chapter of ACS. They will certainly be able to steer you in the right direction.

I wish your dad and his family the very best.

Take care,


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I just wanted to mention the chat function on this website. I am new to this entire website and just went in and checked out the chat function. I would encourage you to check it out, too. It's nice to have some "real time" conversations with people. It's a very welcoming forum. Just a thought :)

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I second that the chat discussions are helpful!

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I am so very sorry to hear about your father. I have been living with my father's illness with lung cancer for 17 years. I live next door to him and I care for him and about him deeply. He has been on Protocel for 17 years.....back when they found the cancer the doctors told him to go home and get his affairs in order, they predicted 6 to 12 months left for him. That was 17 years ago, Protocel and changed our lives. I wish for your dad to find comfort in the choices he makes. My father has been so very helpful with people all over the world, he has survived an ugly battle. If you would like your father to speak with my father, I know he could find comfort there. My father is a kind, compassionate wonderful man, he would be happy to speak with your father. I know what your family is going through, bless your heart...it is so hard to see this happen to our Dads.

Bless your family

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CanCell—originally called Entelev and recently renamed Cantron and Protocel—is a liquid claimed to cure cancer by "lowering the voltage of the cell structure by about 20%," causing cancer cells to "digest" and be replaced with normal cells. Accompanying directions have warned that bottles of CanCell should not be allowed to touch each other or be placed near any electrical appliance or outlet. CanCell has also been promoted for the treatment of AIDS, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's disease, "extreme cases of emphysema and diabetes," and several other diseases. In 1989, the FDA reported that CanCell contained inositol, nitric acid, sodium sulfite, potassium hydroxide, sulfuric acid, and catechol. Subsequently, its promoters claimed to be modifying the formulation to make it more effective [11]. They have also claimed that CanCell can't be analyzed because it varies with atmospheric vibrations and keeps changing its energy [12]. Laboratory tests conducted between 1978 and 1991 by the NCI found no evidence that CanCell was effective against cancer. The FDA has obtained an injunction forbidding its distribution to patients."

Sometimes, albeit rarely, a person's own immune system is able to beat back the cancer, and sometimes mistaken diagnoses are made. In any case, I highly doubt that the Protocel had anything to do with your dad's current remission.

Luck be with you,

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It is interesting to me that in so many instances of folks espousing miraculous cures that have been overlooked by our oncologists, these folks have just come online to this site the same day they post these miracle cure stories - they have not been heard from prior to their wonder post and often are never heard from again - ? coincidence.
Thank you again stayingcalm.

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and some are the proverbial snake oil salesmen. I have no doubt that some who post of the "miracle cures" have a finnacial interest in the product being pushed. As for me, I'll stick with standing on my head while meditating while snorting large quantities of ginger root. Hey, I'm still here!

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