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Is it my fault I have ov cancer???

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Sometimes I wonder if I could have done more for myself and not getting ca. I misssed my gyno appointment and later found out in2009 I have st3 ov cancer. I had pelvic pain and bloating. I feel I should have paid more attention to my boday ...maybe It would't have spread. Anyone feel the same way sometimes?? stay strong Val

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Most OVCA is caught after we have symptoms that have become unbearable. Regular GYN appointments rarely dx OVCA. That is why is is the cancer that whispers. Many ladies had the symptoms and were miss dx for IBS, gall bladder, stomach issues for many months. Yes, I do wish I would have gone to the doc sooner but my GYN/ONC has assured me that it may or may not have been caught earlier.
Hang in there, try not to worry about the "what if" scenarios.

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I think we probably all wonder "what if", but the problem with OVCA is that things like bloating and pelvic pain are so very common for most woman. I have a cousin who is a OBGYN and I asked her this same question when I was first diagnosed. She told me then that even a GYN wouldn't be able to spot OVCA in her own body.
you stay strong, too Maria

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I went to my annual visits like clock work. I was at my regular GYN in January 2008. I had an internal sonogram at that time as well. There was nothing abnormal. In April of 2008 I started have gastro intestinal symptoms. I went to a GI doctor who diagnosed me with IBS. In September of 2008 I have a bowel obstruction and stage 4 ovca.

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Mum, had no symptoms what so ever, until her tummy swelled with ascites and she looked 8 months pregnant. I asked looking back now and knowing the symptons , did she have any symptoms and just passed it off , she said no. It really does whisper, sometimes it doesn't even do that, it is silent until it screams. :(

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He$$ NO! It's not your fault! I saw my gyno six months before diagnosis and two days before I saw my gyn onc (after my CT SCAN!!!!!!) and my gyno said (both times) all was normal, and after the CT scan he said all was normal, it was just a blip?!! Some blip!

My symptoms were thought to be the result of gall bladder disease not cancer. So, don't beat yourself up, there is NO test for OVCA, NO way to detect early, and NO clear cut cause (unless you are BRCA positive and even then how would you know that?) Chances are that your doc would have just said you were perimenopausal even if you had gone to him with pelvic pain and bloating.

I'm a pioneer in my family, first to graduate college, first to get divorced and first to get cancer. Lucky me?! lol

Hugs honey! All will be well!

Leesa (the eternal freakin' optimist!)

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There is no way to have prevented this , it is normal to wonder what if but until they come up with a reliable screening tool more women and their drs. will be continue to be surprised by this awful disease.


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I was running, hiking and climbing a week before my annual appointment at which time she "felt a mass"...which turned out to be 16 cm (approx 6 inches)...go figure how a tumor the size of "two grapefruits" gave me no symptoms until just a few days prior to my annual exam and those symptoms were total gastro-intestinal like. I did not have ascites so I didn't have bloating, just the creepy alien with cancer lurking in it.

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My roommate from college just lost his wife to ovarian a few weeks ago. She was a healthy marathoner, ate well, etc. There's no rhyme or reason. My wife too is a health eater, walked and exercised. It all appears to be related to hormones or environment or both. Perhaps some unlucky combination of outside factors? At any rate, nothing to blame yourself for. Save your strength for making good decisions in treating the disease. There are many women on this board who have either beaten or managed to manage this disease. And many caregivers and friends who love them for doing so. God's blessings on your efforts.


grammy to bella
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please don't think it's your fault- I too had some abdominal bloating, etc. Who doesn't at 53? I beat myself up for a long time- I made my yearly appts. faithfully. The last one he said- " Did I ever tell you your uterus tips to the left?" Ended up Stage 3C cancer. I'm in my 5th round of chemo and I feel fantastic! Today, I had an emotional setback- I've read Elizabeth Edwards' booka and I am so scared and sad that she is gone. Please keep the faith and stop blaming- It's apparently all part of the plan. God Bless.

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I to am very sad about the passing of Elizabeth Edwards. God bless her and her family. She was a very courageous lady and stood by her husband I think we all have inner strenth that we did't realize we had.

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Hey Poopergirl14052
I had ovarian cancer back in 2001.Next year,I will hit My 10 year mark for being totally cancer free.I asked this same question just like You did.My hubby,Jerry,told me that I did all the right things.It was just something that happened.It's not Your fault that You have cancer.Hope and pray this helps You.You stay strong and keep the faith.The Lord will heal you.Don't give up,just keep on fighting.My sister in law,Geneva,is battling myeloma cancer right now.She has been battling this for over a year now.This is what I tell Her and this what I'm telling You.If You ever need to talk,just leave me a message,and I'll be in contact with you.Hope and pray you are having a good day.God bless You!!
Lynn Fennell

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