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Platlet count droping down to 30

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What does it mean if platlets are droping? Have been out of treatment for 5 month? Started going down hill, made the choice of Hospice last friday, In the hospital treating a blood infection and now they are doing alot of testing, The last I overheard was the the platlets are droping and are down to 30, Can any one tell me whats going on

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I don't know much, but that a platelet count of 100 is needed to receive chemo. So sorry to hear that your wife's have fallen so far below normal. It's a sign that the blood is not rebuilding itself, for whatever reason.

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Low platelets mean the blood will not clot well. Is your wife taking Coumadin (Warfarin) pills or Levanox injections? That, combined with a low platelet count could be worrying them, as they would be concerned about bleeding.

Chemotherapy can cause a low platelet count. So can blood and bone marrow cancers.

Can you grab one of the doctors or nurses and ask them to show you her latest blood tests and explain what they mean? My husband's doctors have been great about this - they print extra copies and circle what they are looking for - I get the impression that access to such information is a federal law now. . .

In any case, it's important to find out whether they think this is a side effect of treatment, a symptom of another illness, or a sign that her cancer has spread more. You should be involved in treatment decisions based on this result, whether they be simple ones (like changing meds or diet) or more complex ones (like changing treatment plans).

I hope it turns out to be a simple matter - you really don't need more right now.

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