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What symptons did you have?

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What symptons did you have when you were dxd?

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before i was diagnosed i had what i thought was just a "smoker's cough". i then started to cough up small specs of blood. my wife wanted me to see the doctor right away but being bullheaded i thought that i would wait to see if it went away. after about 2 months and it was still happening, i thought i should see the doc. after the original ct scan, my doc advised me to see a pulmonologist who in turn ordered more tests including a biopsy which indicated that i have adenocarcinoma. i then underwent a surgery to remove the upper lobe of my right lung and the chemotherapy. i would like to say that if you have any symptoms and have not yet seen a doctor, do so immediately, don't be bullheaded and wait as it could cost you your life! hope this helped and my prayers will be with you, bill

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At first, I did not have ay symptoms. A spot on my lung was discovered during an MRI that was taken to diagnose MS progression. I had a thoracotomy and a wedge resection of the lung in Mar 2008 and the biopsy was negative for cancer. I did have a follow-up CT scan and it showed the spot, but it was attributed to scar tissue from the surgery. Still, I was told to follow-up, which I did, but was a few months late for one CT scan.

A few months ago, I started feeling very tired and to me, my blood felt "toxic", for lack of a better way to decsribe the feeling. I also developed a non-productive cough. I also have localized pain on my head, but that does nopt appear to be related to cancer, though I am not convinced. I also get chest pains and a pain in my back directly behind the tumor location. Again, I am unsure if these pains are related to cancer or MS.

I hope you do not have cancer. From what I have read, cancer does not produce symptoms in
many people.

Best wishes.


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I had a nagging ache in my back right side. Because I was being screened for anal cancer recurrance, is why the 7mm nodule in my lower right lung was discovered during a pet/ct. Then I was scanned with a ct 3 months later to see if it grew, and yes it grew to 11mms. It had to come out. I had the vats procedure and in the OR the nodule was biopsied and discovered to be squamous cell carcinoma, and at that time I was given a lower right lobectomy. Because I was stagged at 1A I didn't require chemo/radiation, as there is and 80% 5 year survivors rate. This was a primary lung cancer, caused from smoking. I was a 35 year smoker until 5-4-09, when I started tx for the anal cancer. I never would have gone to the dr and been screened had it not been or the anal cancer. Early detection is the best when having a cancer dx. Please go get checked. From what I understand a regular xray can pick up a nodule as small as 1cm, but a ct scan can pick 1 up at as little as 2mms. I wish you well Lori.

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She presented with slurred speech and balance issues. She had just gotten back from a week in Texas with her sister in law. We all thought perhaps she had had a slight stroke. She was 66, young, vibrant and healthy with the exception of thyroid medecine. Not bad for 66. (that is her in the pic, less than 3months prior to dx)

Trip to the ER turned our world upside down!!!! SCLC w/mets to brain.

In reality, when she was in TX she was on the couch all week. Said if she could just get up and leave the back of her head on the couch she would be fine.....

She has a chest xray 11 months prior, due to her brother dying of lung cancer.....nothing there...

She had 20 mets in the brain.....and a 5cm tumor on upper right lung ; (

Take care

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Have you been diagnosed with lung cancer? It's not something you can really diagnose by symptoms, since everybody has different ones, and some symptoms that may seem like cancer might not be at all! Are you waiting for test results, worrying about mets from a different cancer, or just wondering?
Keep us posted,

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I never did have any symptoms. A suspicious area in a routine x-ray started me on this roller coaster. This led to another x-ray, CT scan, bronchoscopy times 2, a needle biopsy, perfusion scan and so on. I had a lower left lobectomy on Dec. 1 so I am 6 weeks out and trying hard to get my breathing capacity up.

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If you think you are at risk, go see a doctor. I was diagnosed after an x-ray for bronchitis that didn't go away. I didn't know that lung cancer could be the reason my immune system was weak, but my doctor did. I have known folks who were diagnosed with lung cancer after weeks of complaining their arm on one side hurt. When they were being prepared for surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome, an xray was taken. Sure enough, lung cancer was the cause, not carpal tunnel syndrome. Some folks cough. Some folks don't have any symptoms at all. Some folks think it is one thing when it really is lung cancer. And a lot of folks think they have lung cancer when they have something else altogether. Doctors have to study for years to become specialists on all the things that can go wrong with lungs. Lots of those illnesses have similar symptoms and it takes tests to find out which illness a patient has. Getting the right diagnosis is crucial in fighting illness. You've probably heard someone say that identifying the problem is half the battle. Not knowing what the enemy is and what the enemy is doing makes you more vulnerable. It may be traumatic to find out you have cancer, but it is worse not to know. So if you are wondering what you may have, go see the doctors and let them do the worrying.

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