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one year today don,t it go quick seasons greetings to all

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well it,s been one year today made me feel a bit uneasy thinking about it memories flooding back .But thats all history now I am alive and well had several 0.01 psa test and all is well .Continance issues pretty well not an issue ,still where a pad at work just as a precaution,think I will try to stop using them in the new year.Sexual function well on the mend .I don,t bother using E.D meds as to many side affects .Life is pretty well back to normal . To all I wish a very merry Christmas and healthy new year .Its been a bumpy ride but with great support from my Wife and family and freinds and the chat boards I have come through better then I had ever exspected .Thanks to all the posts on the board and possitive comments keep up the good work .Shane

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Happy it is going well for you...Peace and enjoy the holidays

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Shane...What are your issues with ED Drugs? I committed to taking Cialis and Bi-Mix injections for a year for a study (can't tell you which study otherwise some guy here who will remain nameless reports me and removes the post-now how sad is that)...Anyway just curious as what you are experiencing as I have had no side effects (or I am unaware of them)-Congratulations again and enjoy the holidays

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Congratulation Shane!!
I have a date with davinci on Dec. 15. I'm looking forward to making a similar post a year from now. Thanks for posting.

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Please let us know how you are doing and how things are progressing after you surgery. I am still in the deciding stage between radiation and surgery.

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Congrats to you Shane!

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Great news Shane. I also passed the 1yr mark with a zero, it does go swiftly.

Glad to hear things are normal for you. I havent had continance issues, Mr ED is still an issue, but slowly improving.

Best wishes for a great 2011 !

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I was in the middle of radiation. Still recovering from the damage.

It has been quite an experience for me, fo ryou, for all of us who have been through this PC thing.

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Happy anniversary Shane. Hope a continuation in the zeros.
Merry Christmas to you and the family.

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Congrats on your one year anniversary. Let it be the first of many. Happy holidays and congrats.

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