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To Always Hopeful re: radiation

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Hi - you mentioned in a Nov post that radiation was still kicking your butt. I also had WART - about 18 months ago. Since then my hip bones hurt - I can barely bend - my *** is killing me - the doctor keeps insisting that the pain is NOT due to radiation - I think it is. What pain do you have? What does your doc say about it? Thanks

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Howdy, I had a really rough go of it also, Only did 2 rounds that consisted of 2 treatments a day for 2 days wait two weeks did it again. My hips hurt too as well as my left leg, which I had trouble with prior.

I start chemo Monday. Blessings to you

Always Hopeful
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Hi Mia,

I'm sorry to hear about your reaction to WART. It was not me, though, who had WART, instead it was a posting from PianoGal. It was her first and thusfar only posting on this discussion board. She is a UPSC 10 year survivor (see below).


November 21, 2010 - 9:22pm
Greetings from the wet side of Washington
I'm in Seattle where we freak out at the first snowflake, unlike you hardy Eastern/Central Washington folks.

What an outstanding group of women!

I'm new to the site, excited to find other survivors of UPSC. I was diagnosed in 2000, long enough ago that I don't remember the diagnosis details, other than that they found it in one lymph node as well as the uterus.

Total hysterectomy (including ovaries), Whole Abdominal Radiation Therapy (WART), Megace for 2-3 years.

Still cancer-free! The side effects of WART are increasingly kicking my hindside, though.


Sorry for the misunderstanding and truly sorry that you are experiencing such problems. From what you have written, I now understand why my gyne onc was not jumping to use WART for me, even after there was profuse tumor growth throughout my abdomen and pelvis while I was undergoing carbo/taxol treatments.

Wishing you less pain soon.

Peace and hope, JJ

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Thank you for your response. I wish my oncologist had spoken to your oncologist.

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