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Vitamix Discount

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I posted this on the Pinedog thread but wanted to let everyone know because it's so helpful. Vitamix offers a significant discount ($125) on the purchase of a new blender for medical reasons. They do require a doctors note on letterhead be faxed over to get the discount. You can get all the information from Vitamix as they are the only company that sells them. The blender is quite possibly the most helpful thing overall since radiation started and eating has become difficult and I've begun to use the PEG sometimes. I didn't realize how smoothe food could actually become until the Vitamix. It makes and cooks soup too! Anyway, if you're getting one make sure to take them up on the discount offer. It's one of those blessings that only come with this walk we're all on. Good eating, drinking and tubing to you all.


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Pam M
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Thanks for the info Bob. It's great of the company to offer such a juicy discount.

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I did not have to use the PEG, but if the Jaw keeps doing what it is doing I might need to get a PET soon just to stay alive, thanks for the advice on the Vitamix

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We got ours at COSTCO 3 years ago during a limited time promotion, and the savings was in the neighborhood of $200. It might be worthwhile to check with COSTCO to see whether or not they still do Vitamix promotions; if they don't, it's great to know that Vitamix gives a nice discount. We were amazed when we saw the rep demonstrating the blender's capabilities, and then my wife gave good reviews to all of the 3 minute dishes that he whipped up. The Vitamix has been worth its' weight in gold just in terms of the savings in time and aggravation. Since its arrival, no leftovers have gone rejeted; they all go down my tube-- aahhh, the buffet diet. Bon appetit to all.


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