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tightness under arm and behind arm to back and shoulder blade

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This tightness is worse than before. I had my second chemo on monday--could this cause tightness. The cords in my armpit are very tight. Feels like something is tied arond my armpit. I am stretching arm and have began ocupational therapy--masage- but ist is bad today. My masectomy was in sept.

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Especially if you had any nodes removed. I had a lumpectomy/axillary node dissection last Dec. and I still have tightness, etc. which I've been given exercises and stretches to do. I really don't think I'll ever have the mobility I had before.

It's great you started with therapy--that should help. Also, I've noted more discomfort with weather changes.

Good luck.

Hugs, Renee

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I also have pain with tightness. I had a lumpectomy with node removed April 2009. I agree with Renee, I don't think I will ever have the mobilty I had before. I am also on a pain block drug to try and help with the burning pain I have along the back side of my arm. Good luck

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can you tell me any more about the pain block. I have hot sharp pain behind my arm to th shoulder blade.

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It could be because of your node removal. You need to be sure and exercise. Your PT will help you a lot with this.

I hope the tightness goes away soon for you.

Hugs, Angie

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i too had a mastectomy in september and have that tightness near and in the armpit. according to my physical therapist and radiation onc, it's a normal reaction, but one we need to work at loosening up. i have been doing my exercises faithfully and have great range of motion, but that tightness does not want to go away.

hang in there, it will be okay.

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nodes removed I think this would be normal. I had mastectomy in June and still get tightness, twinges, pulling sensations but I don't think chemo had any effect on my body other than normal side effects. Hope you feel better.
{{hugs}} Char

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I had nodes removed in June along with the mastectomy and I've had good rage of motion until last week i think it has something to do with the weather. MollyZ

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I had my first mastectomy in 1994, the tightness persists, when all healed make sure to moisturize especially if you have rads. stretching with your PT is good. I am considered to have good range of motion, but cant reach up all the way without feeling it and twisting was painful, (like to turn to see behind you when driving) that has gotten better.remember that a number of muscles are affected and the opnes that are affected take their toll on others. I had really bad shoulder pain, turns out it was the scar tissue around my bra line area pulling on the neck muscles causing pain. Massage really helped.

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I had a lumpectomy, but, removing the nodes made me feel tight. Exercise!

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I think this might be because of the removal of your nodes. I had the tightness and really had to exercise my arm a lot, so, it wouldn't freeze up on me.

Good luck,

Sue :)

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