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Need POOP help NOW!!!! ....911...

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I just don't know what happened. Right before Thanksgiving I posted about how my poop had changed to actual "normal".... even formed..and only 1 time a day...I was so happy...and all over a turd..LOL..I know..sounds so darn silly...but true. Anyway, I am at wits end now. I cannot stop pooping. My butt is loaded with blisters. I cry now when I poop. It's not even poop...its yellow water. I am taking about 8-10 Imodium a day now and all it does is stop things for about an hour...then the dam breaks again. I just dont get it. Where is all this even coming from????? I am not eating much... I can't...my stomach is killing me... I try to drink as much as possible... I don't want to dehydrate... I feel myself getting weak and I only drag myself off the couch to go to the bathroom. I wanted to put my tree up last night but just didn't have the strength. My brain wanted to motivate but my body is messed up. My Onc said just eat 20 Imodium a day...What?? That's just stupid. I think he is mad cause I won't do that shot again..the poop shot...NO..not doing it!

There has GOT to be something out there to stop this. Catherine (CDixon)mentioned Probiotics-PB8..... I don't know anything about those. Can someone educate me? I need a remedy today..NOW. Please throw me some suggestions so I can send the hubby to the store to get me something. I cannot go on another night like this. This is 8 days straight and I am sinking. Thank you.


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Jennie, you have gone too long, obviously, your body is telling you ENOUGH!!!!! I can't believe your onc just says immodium and leaves it at that. Sounds like you are getting dehydrated, you might want to think about going to the ER for some fluids. Yellow water sounds like bile .... not sure what would cause that. You may have a partial impaction/blockage, and only liquid is getting past; remember, you finally were down to only 1 formed stool a day after having many. With your abdominal pain, that's what I would think. The ER would give you an abdominal X-ray which would identify an impaction/blockage right away. I sure hope you resolve this soon, it doesn't sound like you are doing well. Hugs!!!!

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I agree, get to the ER!


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My stomach is hurting because when the Imodium works it turns the liquid to gas and makes my stomach swell with gas. For an hour after that all I do is fart....mean, nasty, LONG, bile, chemo poisen farts...and they burn. From my stomach having so much gas pain over the past week it is sore...like I been doing sit ups sore. I don't think I have a blockage. What food I have ate comes right thru.... thats the only time the yellow water changes to brown water with tiny bits od what I ate...sorry to be so gross...

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You definitely need relief! This just isn't normal, as you know! There still is the possibility of a partial blockage/impaction, since you're only getting liquid and small bits of food out, and the gas is even backing up ... What do you think about getting fluids? Seems I read somewhere that dehydration can weirdly cause diarrhea as well ... Hopefully someone else will come on with some ideas for you soon as well, you are suffering too much! Hugs again, friend!

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First of all, if you're not eating solids, you won't be able to form any real poo. Think of a baby just on forumla and how soft their poo is even with milk and cereal. I have just the opposite problem and spend a good portion of my morning making sure I go.

Please go to the doctor TODAY. My 1st cousin went to the hospital Wednesday night with a blockage. She was told she would have died within the hour without emergency surgery. She was told to say 'goodbye' to her two teen children. She was told, if she made it thru surgery (which she barely did) that MOST patients in her condition die within the week. They removed almost all of her colon and a portion of her small intestines.

Jennie, please, see the Gastro or go to the ER today. Ask them to check you for C-Diff, too.

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You know how sorry i am to hear this. I agree with with the others to go have you looked at at ER. If it is something like dehydration you can be flipped into good shape very quickly. Are you on any any meds which could be interfereing? I was on an antibiotic for a week + then became dehydrated; I think the antibiotic contributed to that. I was given 4 days of hydraation at home + feel much better. I hope you can be fixed up quick + easy!

By the way, is that your handsome some + beautiful grandaughter?

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I am waiting for a call from my Doc to see what to do. Yes Anne.... That is my 23 yo son and 2yo granddaughter and thank you. I so don't want to go to the ER... This is just friggin ridiculous. Thank you all for your input.


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Forget about waiting on the doctor to call you back. Jump in the car and get to the ER right now as you have no clue if this is something serious. Go to the ER and get yourself some peace of mind after they check you out and let you know what the deal is instead of letting all kinds of thoughts run through your mind.

Bobby in Dallas

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Kenny H.
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How long has it been going on? Surprised Onc didnt prescripe you something besides immodium!
When on Radiation I had a couple straight days of runs when Immodium didnt work. Onc called in some Lomatil & its worked great. (can over do it also) Will clog you.

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Can't believe you are going through all this. Hoping that you get this issued resolved fast. Just taking immodium isn't the answer. Hope the doctor can help you figure something out that is going to stop you from going constantly.

Hugs! Kim

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as immodium works to me fairly well !
I just can give you my solidarity !

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Just a shot in the dark here but you have been under tremendous stress, could that be adding to the problem. Tremendous stress can do wacky things to the body.

Take care and I agree forget the onc, you need a gastro guy. Taking 20 plus pills a day could be what is upsetting the stomach and then a vicious cycle starts.

Hugs -

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The "yellow water" can often happen when your food goes through you too quickly. When I get diarhhea, it will appear as yellow liquidy stuff about half the time. I don't know about it being bile- worth checking into, but don't freak out yet because it just may be okay. I can't believe your onc says you can take up to 20 immodium a day. If you're needing that much, then you need something else! Have you ever been prescribed Lomotil? It defnitely works for me better than immodium, although sometimes I still get the runs even with it. I don't know about the diarhea shot- never had that.
All I know is you've GOT to do something asap! I hope that you're already using some kind of ointment/protectant for the burning and blisters. You can also take L-glutamine powder internally mixed in water or any liquid- it is supposed to coat your GI tract all the way down. You can also dab it on the rear end along with the ointment. It helps mouth sores & it also apparently helps irritated skin inside and out in other places too.

Praying you will feel better soon! DO talk to your dr. TODAY!


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Lomotil. It's stronger than Immodium and a prescription, so you will have to call the Doc again. But hey, isn't that why we hire them....or fire them. You might try the BRAT diet too. Banana's, rice (white), applesauce, and toast white bread). I had to eat this way most of the time when I did the radiation and 5fu pump because of the diarrhea.

Good luck my dear, Gail

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I had serious problems during my chemo ,I was so bad I was heading for renal failure. An over the counter drug virtually saved my life. It was marketed in australia under two names, donnatabs and buscopan it is a colon anti-spasmodic and I went from around twenty times a day down to a couple of tmes a day...worth a try . Ron.

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ER sounds good to elimenate anything serious.

straight after my lar surgery and my 15 day post op fast due to green bile vomits.
I was sucking icecubes made out of water soluble vitamins and taking probiotics.

my gastro surgeon insisted on fish and mashed potatoe and pumkin to see if my stuffed
tummy could start to work. it did and did not vomit and the bag started to fill.
its got nutricion and is easily digested.

maybe having smaller and frequest servings

I know we are/were in different situations except your stomach is not working and it sounds similar to mine. the principle is to get some nutricion into your body.

maybe sipping the complete food drinks like sustain may help. Even sipping a nutricious
vegetable juice could not hurt.

the different drugs suggested may help. I am on the verge of taking my first immodium myself as I have been observing my digestive system collapse with my oxy/5fu cocktail.
the BRAT sounds good as well.

asking your gastro urgently also is good.
if wish onc and gastro's worked more closely together sometimes.
i would ask gastro about the 20 immodiums ? now that you are worried

you sound terrible and are worried and I would be too. but you will get through this.
ask your gastro about my docs advice for me re fish and small but regular serving.

I wished my arm was very long to reach half way around the world and hold your hand.
When I was really desparate in hospital all I wanted was a hand to hold.

goodluck and my prayers are with you.

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You really need to go to the E.R., I know it sucks. Really you need to have a CT scan done to make sure you are not obstructed or worse. Please go ASAP this is nothing to be trying to tough out, we all love you and you got us worried.


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ER sounds good to me if nothing more than to get some fluids. I've gone through the entire selection of bowel abnormalities. Whenever things get out of hand in either direction I go to my secret weapon. Olives. I eat only olives for several days. The whole foods down the road has an excellent selection. I learned this by accident while I had my bag. Having a bag changed the way I eat because I got to see how my body actually digests things. I became familiar with textures and movement. I was still on chemo and didn't feel like eating anything. I had been filling my bag up every 20 minutes. So I finally broke down ate some olives. When they came out they seemed to have cleaned my bag, cleaned my stoma, so I tried some more. Within 2 days I was back to normal. I've tried it when I get constipated and it works. 24 hours of olives and things normalize. This works for me, I hope it works for you.

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I am late chiming in and I hope by now you have taken the advise of others and gotten to the ER to be checked out and try to get medical relief.

I have found for myself that white rice does a good job of making the stool firmer and it also seems to calm the digestive system because of the blandness.

I have also read that you should avoid caffine which would include not only be coffee but also a good many of the sodas...seems like tea should also be included but it is on the BRAT diet...maybe decaf tea.

Feel better soon, cause we can't wait to see the new you with the designer specs.


Marie who loves kitties

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Mary's right, it does sound like a partial blockage. A lot of liquid,
real stench, and a lot of gas. Those are all symptoms of a partial blockage.

Low and zero carb foods will generate liquid/acid by your system,
while high carb foods don't. But if/when you have a partial blockage,
you don't want to eat anything that will cause more blockages, so
meats, etc are better than grain, fiber, etc..

Imodium is a pain. If you take the liquid version, you'll be better off,
since with the runs, the pills will go through too fast. But taking it
continually will only perpetuate the problem; you can't fool mom nature!

It's imperative that you remain well hydrated, so drink at least 4oz
of water per hour. Your body is generating acid and bile to dissolve
whatever's inside. If there's a lot of garbage that's tough to dissolve,
there'll be more liquid out. Sugar can add to the problem...

A partial obstruction will do the same thing. And if you've had
abdominal surgery, you're prone to adhesions and hernias; they
are the reason for 99% of partial obstructions and full, blown-out
blockages. You -do not- want to have a full blockage, so drink
plenty of liquid. Tea is good, even though it's a diuretic it seems
to calm things down with digestion.

The ER is fine, especially if you're into NG tubes and pain killers.

Lie on your left side, by the way.... it'll help move stuff and gas.

But stay hydrated. The ER will hydrate you if needed, but it's
better not to allow it to get that far, if possible.

Calm down and relax. You'll do fine. Go to the ER if you
start to see symptoms of dehydration... you can't allow
dehydration. OK?


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I'm hoping that by now you have gone to the ER. Praying something is making things better by now.


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Bump up!!! Need an update

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I'm so sorry for what you are going through. My husband commented tonight that he can't understand how he can even "produce" so much poop! I know it must be miserable. The shot does help him though. He also has a prescription for opium which stops it for him sometimes. I hope you are able to get some relief soon.

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Let us know how you are? Please?? I hate sitting here worrying.
Prayers and love.
Winter Marie

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