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in remission, forgot what it's like to live and miss going in for treatments.

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Hi, I'm new here to the forums.

I'm finally in remission after 10 months of treatments (chemo, radiation, 1 major and 3 minor surgeries, and a stem cell transplant) for Ewing's sarcoma. My doctors have been helping me get adjusted with getting my life back again by talk therapy, cognitive therapy, and medication. Since entering remission, I've been suffering a long list of mental health problems; PTSD, depression, anxiety, no feeling of emotion, among other symptoms.

One problem in particular, and a confusing one for me, is that I have feeling of missing being at the hospital. Miss the routine of getting treatments, having emotional ups and downs, and the doctors and nurses who have helped and treated me throughout the ordeal. It's almost as if I want to be back at the hospital and spend a week at a time there.

I know there is something completely wrong with this and not rational and there must be some kind of theoretical explanation for it. I'm wondering if anyone has felt, suffered, have any experience with, or have any opinions on this.


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Change, even good change requires an adjustment. You have been so focused on getting well, that you have put all of your efforts and passion into that. Now you need to find your passion for living. Congrats on being in remission! It will start to feel right soon. Fay

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