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Life expectancy - months or years?

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Hi all,
I’m a 60 yr. old male diagnosed with a single 20cm HCC tumor on my right side liver in May 2010, subsequently removed via a liver resection in Aug. Follow-up CT scans in Nov. showed a recurrence of the cancer via a 1.5cm nodule near my right ascending colon. I should also tell you that my liver was otherwise healthy with no hepatitis or cirrhosis. My MD Anderson oncologist will start me on Nexavar in Dec. if this new tumor continues to grow as expected.

Here’s my question – somewhat morbid, I admit, but I’m doing some future planning with finances and I want to know what to expect in real life. I’ve not yet asked my oncologist this but I will in Dec.

How long can I expect to live after I’ve started Nexavar, assuming I respond well to it? And I’m not expecting anything exact, I just want to know if I’m looking at months or years. Are there any survivors – or caregivers of survivors – who have successfully beat this thing (primary liver cancer) for several years after their diagnosis?

Good luck to all,

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Daryl every case is different. My dad was the same as you, nveve been sick, no hepatitis or cirrhosis or alcohol use. He is 54 years old and was diagnosed with HCC in march 2010, had a resection in may with clean margins. His follow up ct scans in august reveald multiple lesions on his liver, his is obviously aggressive. He was started on nexevar had scans 3 months later which revealed more growns so the nexevar did not work for him. Do not be discouraged there are people who have great results with nexevar, my dad just has stubborn tumors I guess. There are a few guys on this forum who are doing Ok but i havent seen them post lately Koshin and stage4liver are their names, good luck with everything. My dads onc told him nexevar wil only prolong his life by months...how many he does not know!

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