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Cinnamon to help cure cancer? Its not what you think:

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Since my Dx in May last year I've started to learn what I can and subscribe to numerous sources of info on cancer research. Nanotechnology has much potential, if you ask me.

Physorg.com had a very interesting article Nov 29 titled "Cinnamon can replace harmful chemicals to create nanoparticles", which stated, in pertinent part:"Gold nanoparticles...are used in electronics, healthcare products and as pharmaceuticals to fight cancer. Despite their positive uses, the processes to make the nanoparticles requires dangerous and extremely toxic chemicals........" Recently, researchers "mixed gold salts with cinnamon and stirred the mixture in water to synthesize gold nanoparticles. The new process uses no electricity and utilizes no toxic agents."

Imagine using a spice to carry cancer-fighting drugs into the heart of a cancer cell!!!
Do you realize how small a nanoparticle is? Nano has already been used on a brain tumor, in breast cancer and a few other forms of cancer as well.
Cancer destroying drugs are placed inside these microscopically minute nanocarriers which attach themselves only to cancer cells and then release the nano-sized chemo dose into the cancer cell to destroy it without being toxic to healthy cells.How much longer until this gets to be fine-tuned to be accepted medical treatment I don't know but it sounds promising to me.

If you look at the period at the end of this sentence under a microscope you'll see a bunch of nanoparticles waving at you.

PS: Give nano another two years to show its potential.....steve

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Thank you Steve for keeping us up to date on the research that is going on.

It will be wonderful when there is a treatment which attacks only the cancer cells and not the good cells.

Let's hope that it doesn't take 2 years to get here.


Marie who loves kitties

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An elevator could be built to take us to the moon....if money was no object...

The BIG block is the expense...

But, yes, I get a bit irritated when I hear a complaint about research not doing anything to combat cancer...and then all of the info that's just coming out!!!


Hugs, Kathi

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as some recent titles just from this one site attest:

Restoring the gene for cancer protein p53 slows spread of advanced tumors

Tumors bring their own support cells when forming metastases

New path for colon cancer drug discovery

Breakthrough in cancer vaccine research

Being that cancer is such an invidious and complex disease with so many "pathways" it stands to reason that there are so many approaches being travelled by scientists ......steve

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