1 year tomorrow

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Tomorrow will be the anniversary of my Paramjeet's passing. I have had flashbacks over the last 2 weeks of the last 2 weeks of his life. I was hopeless last week and am feeling better this week but my heart aches for the memories he will not share as our 2 beautiful girls grow up. I often feel him around ...so near yet so far.
Tomorrow we will be visiting the pier where we scattered his ashes.
My broken heart has survived the year. Slowly it is healing. I dont miss him any less but I am better able to deal with the sadness.
Seems like it has been a long and challenging year.
Thank you all for being there to share the sad moments and for giving me encouragement along the way.



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    Love and hugs to you and your girls. We are doing things we never thought we would have to do. You are very brave and I have no doubt, an awesome mom. Fay