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My dad is a miracle

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My dad is a survivor like many of you out their hes been fighting for 6 years. He was recently in the hospital going on 9 months. One hospital gave him wrong blood transfusion, which put him in respiratory distress, secondly, through the blood transfusion he was given transmitted a cmv virus. Had a blood clot...then was sent home...hospital overdosed him on blood pressure medication, back to the hospital..gave him over 40 pounds of fluid to get blood pressure back up. I transferred him to another hospital bc they kept saying it was the cancer...My dad had almost 40 chemos and 65 radiation treatments...so i knew in my heart it wasn't...My dad was on bypap( forces air through the mouth) as an airway...then was put on life support for the last 7-8 months. His lung then collapsed and thats where they tested the fluid and sure enough positive for CMV virus. They said if i put chest tube in he could bleed or if i left it the inevitable could happen... i put the chest tube in and he LOST ONE DROP OF BLOOD! They tried to convince me several times to take him off but thats not what he wanted and not what we wanted. Soon afterwards he had a TRACH and feeding tube put in. My dad then transferred to a LTAC hospital where they weaned him off ventilator...and now breathing on his own, infections cleared, blood clot disappeared, lung reinflated...He stands before me and he is talking. He started eating two weeks ago...and basically saying I am going to walk again...he lost over 60 pounds and each day he pushes. My dad is a fighter and a living miracle. So please dont give up. Fight each day although its hard. Know that their are people that are going to mark your days but it's not up them its up to God. God is Great and good. You have to believe in him and have faith in him. Sometimes things are put in your life for a reason to maybe show how much you can take. We didn't have any sort of hope from the start but look at where we are now...You gotta keep living and know that someone out their is going through the same thing you are. God bless you all!

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Wow! Wrong transfusion, on top of everything else, what a nightmare. And yet he pulled through. He is a badass survivor! Thank you for sharing his story!

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That is an amazing story of never giving up! Thanks for sharing and best wishes to you always.


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It sounds to me like your father's daughter had an awful lot to do with his recovery, too ;-)
May it just keep getting better!


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Glenna M
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Thank you for this wonderful and encouraging story. Miracles do happen and your father is living proof.

God Bless you sweet Laura,

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I believe. Good luck and God Bless you and your family.

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You BOTH fought the good fight!!! This is a wonderful story I am so happy for both of you!


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