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Broken donor humerus bone

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Hi, I am new to this site and a 13yr survivor of Osteosarcoma in the humerus. I was able to go through the limb salvage procedure and receive a donor bone, but this summer I broke my donor bone due to a fall and found out that this bone is now deteriorating and they can not fix it without going through another surgery. I have full use of the hand, but not the arm. I wear a sling for support. I am looking for anyone else who might of gone through similar situations to discuss outcomes.


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I was diagnosed with a chondrosarcoma in my upper humerus and had the same limb salvage surgery as well except they used a donor bone from my leg. The benefit is if the bone breaks it will heal as it is a living bone, they reconnected the blood vessels, etc. It has been just over a year from my surgery and I have full use of my hand and 90% function of my shoulder. I would highly recommend you speak to Dr. Douglas MacDonald at Washington University Hospital in St. Louis, MO.

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Hi, I had osteosarcoma in my rt leg when i was 17. I too am a 13 year survivor. I have had 3 surgeries done to keep my leg. my last surgery might be of some interest. Feel free to email me at shaggymaggie@ymail.com

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