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Hair is coming back

snommintj's picture
Posts: 602
Joined: Mar 2009

Well, it's official. I think I will be regrowing hair every where. I had gone completely hairless for many months after the abraxane experiment. I lost all my hair every where. It's been coming back little by little but I hadn't regrown any nose hair. Well today I got my first one. Just in time to restart folfox next week. I never lost any hair on folfox so I'm curious to see how it effects my regrowth.

lisa42's picture
Posts: 3661
Joined: Jul 2008

It's nice to feel normal again, I bet (all except the nose hairs! :)

Good luck,

tootsie1's picture
Posts: 5065
Joined: Feb 2008

I hope the hair continues to grow!



msccolon's picture
Posts: 1956
Joined: Oct 2004

I didn't realize how much facial hair I had until it started growing back ;)! How are you doing?

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