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1st day of treatment

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Hello beautiful cancer surviors,

I am new to group so please bear with me. My mother age of 62 yrs was diagnosed in Oct. '10 with cervical cancer. After further testing we find out that is Stage IV Uterine cancer and has met. to lungs and lymph nodes. She started her first treatment of Taxol/Carbo. for eight hrs. every 28 days with a check up every three months. This is all new to me and my family and any advise is more than welcomed. I am just trying to help her keep the faith and i keep telling her this is not a death sentences but just a change of life style and only the almighty knows what he has in store for us. What should we expect from this treatment? Any home remedies for the side effects? God Bless you all.

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1st let me start off by leting you know im so sorry about your mother and i am sending you alot of prayer over her would love you to keep us up to date.

I am 30 years old and my uertus cancer was stage 1 and grade to i did not have the taxol carbo but i did have radition in the vagina area . each woman is very much diffrent in what she may face with this cancer i know many woman who have had the treatment here will be able to share openly with you what they faced bear with them in answering they will get to this post im sure

but one thing that helped me was take a note pad

write down Questions you have for her doctor and take notes this will help big time

im 7 months or close to in remison of my cancer now

has your mom had the surgery yet ? or will she be having all removed ?

there is many woman whos in your moms stage who is now remison of cancer there is alot of hope big time

one thing she can do through is eat furts and raw veggies and get on a healthy way of eating its easyer said then done LOL i been thre but it makes u look at the way u eat and live your life for sure

i wish i could help alot but my cancer was stage 1 but im sure the other woman here can answer finding out u have cancer is very much scary and hard no mater the stage

my prayers are with u


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Thank you for your prayers. She cant have surgery bcuz it is to close to her bone so that is out of the question. Her fisrt day of chemo went well. She is just very weak & hot/cold. She should be coming home soon. Again, thank you for the prayers and you are in my prayers as well. Merry Christmas!!!


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There are alot of blogs here if you search for carbo/taxol. Most of us have taken it. Our response to chemo is different. I had alot of pain from taxol but had reactions to it. Most people do very well. Remember it is cumulative; chemo gets harder with each treatment; not easier. I think that's important to understand; she will need you more as they get harder.

She is going through the shock right now. They will treat this as a chronic disease. Let her experience her feelings. she is angry and frighted. She will do better if she can be honest with her feelings. Some of us see a therapist through to help us work through it. Antidepressants can be very helpful as chemo dries up your serotonin (chemicals that make you feel good). They can be very helpful. Don't be afraid to talk to your Doctor about these issues.

I read and watched alot of good shows (I am not a movie person or TV person) but did find some I enjoyed.

If she has pain itis important to tell her Doctor as it can be controlled.

Prayers for your mother over the line; beaming away.

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