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I just have my 3 three month check up all is clear so I go back in three months. YES I did it, I beat HL yaay!
Now the down side my husband who is in the Army is deploying very soonish, we know it would happen sooner or later. I just ask that all pray or belive or whatever you do, that my husband stays safe and come back to us safe and sound.
Thank you

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Hi Jackie,
First.."Congratulations" on your 3 month check up being good...thats just wonderful! Of course I will pray for your husband to stay safe and come back home safe and sound. I have a nephew fighting in the war and will add your hubby in with my prayers for Davids safe return. Take care and best wishes to you and your family.
Love...Sue (FNHL-G2-S3-TypeA-Diag-6/10)

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Posts: 14
Joined: Feb 2010

Thank you! I will do the same for your nephew.

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Hi Jackie, congrats on your success, that is just great! I love good news on here! Tell your husband that I sincerely thank him for serving our Nation and appreciate his sacrifice so that we may all be free!!

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It is good to hear that. I also have Hodgkins and am taking tests this week and hope for the same good news. God bless your husband!


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