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Lung nodule surgery/possible lung section surgery

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Have been diagnosed with possible lung nodule cancer , need surgery to remove nodule and possible upper lung lobe if they find cancer...........Question ....Have an appointment next week with a Dr. Kassis @ Ohio State Medical Center and am trying to find out if he does the VATS procedure (Video assisted thoratic surgery)I have been told that is the least invasive lung and pain surgery available.........Can anyone tell me a better palce to go for the VATS lung surgery or if he preforms it ??.......Thanks

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The best non-tech way I find out things about doctors is just to call their secretaries or nurse receptionists and ask them.

The fastest way to find out tonight would be to run some google searches. Look for VATS+ Ohio, VATS+Kassis, VATS+the name of the hospital. That sort of thing gives results pretty quickly.

Legitimate doctors will tell you their operating statistics. You want a surgeon that has done a lot of VATS surgeries, not a newbie. Two operations a day once or twice a week is better than one a month. Difficult techniques take over 100 operations to master. So ask. What ARE their stats?

I live in a little state with no teaching university hospitals close by. Teaching University hospitals tend to be on the cutting edge of treatments. That gives you the best treatment out there. We drew a circle on the map with a 100 mile radius (the max that my husband would drive to go to a specialist). Then I started researching where I could find the best I could travel to. I think the advice and surgery I received at the hospital I ended up at has been better than what I would have found at the clinic down the road. My recovery from surgery certainly was faster with the VATS surgery compared to my friends that went with whatever the general surgeon could manage. I hope you can find a good VATS surgeon because it really makes a difference in recovery time. The success in removing cancer remains the same with both kinds of operations.

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