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Chemoablation for liver mets

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Hi everyone,

My dad had colon cancer-now mets to the liver. He was unable to have a resection of the liver-cirrhosis. Now the doctor wants to do chemo ablation. Does anyone have thoughts or experiences with this process?

Thanks for any info you can provide.


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In November my husband had radio frequency ablation for a liver tumor (3.9 cm). I don't know if this is the same thing or not. He goes for a CT this monday to see if they got it all. He cannot have any surgery. This probably didn't help, but maybe you should ask the doctors to explain how all of the different ablations work and what is best for your dad. I was told not all hospitals do this. We were at Emory in Atlanta.
Good Luck.

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Kerry S
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They had opened me up for liver surgery and did an oh crap and just closed me back up.

I then had chemo embolization of the liver. I think it is different.

However the bottom line is the doc told me he killed off ½ of my liver doing it. That was 2 years back this month. The liver grows back real fast. My liver is still cancer free and full size.


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I have had experience with both treatments due to multiple mets to both lobes of the liver.Chemoablation one week and RFA the next.Two years later liver is still clear.
God bless

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