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Oh man....not again

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Your post got deleted. I hope it didn't have anything to do with my response. I hope you got a chance to read it. I think the only thing that gets people heated up more than mentioning religion on the board is when I mention all the religions at once. If spirituality and religion have helped you combat cancer, we would like to hear it. I know peoples shared beliefs have help them emotionally, physically and financially in their fight against cancer. I agree with the sites policy on witnessing and trying to convert others. This isn't a site for selling anything. But you are allowed to tell us how you are confronting cancer on all levels.

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I thought the beast was attacking!!!

As far as Bobby, well, I stopped reading the posts....just didn't have much to offer....

Cancer has changed my philosophy on life:

Everyone is allowed their own space. Up to the time it invades my space. Because everyone is allowed their own space, including me. (Served me well when talking to a smoker that was in my face....)

If I don't allow others to HAVE their space, then I can't expect to have MY space respected...(unless I'm dealing with the TSA...lol...then my space is their space, sigh).

Hugs, Kathi

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I read your reply earlier you got me confused, read it again still confused, I'm having an air head day. But I understand where you are coming from. Hugs.

John I read your reply to Bobby, it seems soon after the thread was taken off. This is a shame because what you said I felt wasn't offensive. But I suppose it may have offended others. :-(


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I agree with you 100%, it is a shame that some people can say anything,but, others can not, and get to delete.

Winnie in Houston

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