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Wow awesome story on the other post. So proud of you and a big congratulations. You have to be so elated. Post that certificate - it's worth every pixel that makes it up :)


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too much, but I read everything and you are a WARRIOR. In your most diffcult times, you still have kind words and wisdom and support for others.

Congratulations on your certificate. I celebrate with you in my heart.


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Craig, good things are in store for you! I feel it!
You deserve the best. Your responses have been so meaningful to us and so very important in our time of need. Go forward and continue your work! You are very special to us!


(PS - Did you check your PM today?)

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...for opening this post for me:)

Elated, yes, it was wonderful to feel something good for a change, I was bustin' at the seams. I know we're still fighting issues in the original lung, but to hear that the battle may not have to be fought on my other good lung....whew!

I anxiously await my onc's appt so we can confirm this data....then back to Folfiri for the next 5 months. My right lung has sure taken a beatin' this year, 2 major lung surgeries in 9 months - 2 ribs removed, chest wall scraped, 30x rads, and so far 2 rounds of Folfiri, 8 more to go...

But, I felt a glimmer of hope yesterday, that all of this may not be in vain - and I really needed to hear that kind of news. So glad to be able to share somthing positive about my situation, for a change.

Thanks again for your post!


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....Angela and Lizzy for your sweet comments as well.

I love to help my friends here - and here is where I found them:)


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