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Need Help With Breast Cancer Bills

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I am at my wits end trying to find help to pay off over 10,000 worth of debt I have created for my one income family with in the last two years. I need help please can some one direct me? I have done all the normal stuff with hospital and talking with doctors to help with my debt however I always run into a income quilfy issue. I dont need to go into to much detail I live in Wisconsin and can give more info if needed.. PLEASE

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Suze Orman's books have really helped me get my act together financially. Here is a link about medical debt: Advice on Reducing Medical Debt

You can also ask to speak with a social worker at the hospital. They can sometimes be helpful.

Good luck! You are in my thoughts and prayers.

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the hospital where I was I know offered some kind of charity that they could extend to people with no insurance and no income qualifications.

There is also a part of Medicade BCCCP that covers the treatment related expenses it goes back I think 90 days and picks up bills maybe try that? The cancer center I go to set me up with the health department to get me started on that program. There is income qualifications with this program depending on the # of people in your household and income.

Then there is always filing for bankruptcy, with the current economic situtation in our country is not such a bad thing anymore.

Just some thoughts. I wish you the very best of luck!!!

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Talk to your oncologist about getting help or being able to make payments to your cancer center. I think they always allow that.

Also, contact the American Cancer Society. I am sure they can put you in the right direction for help too.

Sue :)

Jean T. Szabo
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There is a social worker at most Cancer Clinics. They have the forms that you fill out for financial assistance. Kohl's Southwest Wisconsin Breast Health Assistance Fund, Wisconsin Women's Fund might be able to help. address: Wisconsin Women's Health Foundation, 2503 Todd Drive, Madison, WI 53713, phone #1-800-898-8818. Not sure if this is the correct number for your needs but perhaps a phone call will help them direct you to services in your area. The American Cancer Society website has a listing of financial services also. Good Luck!!

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talk to ACS...

Hugs, Kathi

(Wow, Jean....GREAT info!!!)

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Your hospital should have someone that will help you thru this. Just give them a call.

Good luck!

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Welcome to the site!
I can certainly relate to your situation! You can call the ACS, they were very helpful in directing me to some resources. (1-800-227-2345) They will ask you some questions, then give you a few places to contact according to your situation.
One place they referred me to was: The Patient Advocate Foundation (patientadvocate.org)
Hope this helps & you can find some relief soon!
CypressCynthia-I just bought the set of Ask Suze's Financial Library (9 books)I just can't read them fast enough! She's one smart cookie! Great suggestion!
♥ Cat

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Folks sometimes critcize Suze but she has worked for us. We have no debt other than mortgage and one car note (which is interest free). Danny retired last year, so we decided to get our financial act together before he did. It took hard work, but we did it. We now "charge" using our American Express only and we have the kind of account that has to be paid in full each month. We do have a master card for emergencies but don't use it normally.

I also utilize the medical spending account that I have at work. I try to take out exactly what I need in deductibles and medical expenses for the year(if you don't use it, you lose it). A little is taken out each pay period. Of course it is my money that is taken out but 1) the account pays for my deductibles and unreimbursed medical expenses immediately--even if I have only put $1 into it and 2) it decreases my gross income so I pay less taxes. I have never lost a nickel as I always have more medical expenses then I estimate. And having my deductibles paid in January really helps with cash flow.

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