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Severe Hip Pain

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Ever since radition and chemo I am having severe hip pain. I can't cross my legs and even have problem putting on my shoes. Saw Radigolist and he acted like he had never heard of this as a side affect. I had a rectal cancer 1 cmm from anal verge. Anyone else have this problem and what did you do? Thanks Laura

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I had damage to my hips from the radiation,and it does get better,but not a whole lot.I can cross my legs,but I have to grab the leg,and pull it up.I have to take advil every day,and that helps.I do alot of walking,and sometimes my hip starts hurting so usually I can walk it out,if I can't, then I have to sit,and rest.But I have a permanent colonoscopy so that could be the difference.If I wear shoes that have to be tied,I have to sit lower to do it.Good luck.

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Laura, I had radiation in July and my hips get painful and stiff, especially after sitting. It hurts to walk after sitting and I can't sit certain ways. Like you, I had rectal cancer. It seems to be getting worse, or at least I notice it more now that I am feeling more recovered from my surgeries. When I go in to the CTC next week I will ask my radiation Dr. about it and see what he says.


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I also had rectal cancer, just 2 cm inside the anus. The hip pain from radiation was pretty bad. Because I am allergic to most all pain drugs, I finally resorted to acupuncture, but insurance wouldn't pay for it! I had an 'angel' donate treatment payments for me. Even now, almost 2 years later, I have residual pain and problems, but not as bad as right after the radiation. One thing that helped me was heat treatments also. either a hot pack right on the hips, or a heat lamp.

Many hugs, Vicki

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I also have rectal cancer and my hips were very sore after all the tx chemo, radiation sx. I have used acupuncture and yoga and spatial dynamics and supplements for bone strength (I think an Alexander technique would be good too) and after 2 years I have no pain, even sleeping on my side, and can walk for 3+ miles on trails.

all the best, Leslie

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Me, too....tumor was in first rectal fold.....

Left hip is still painful when I walk too much. Also, I cannot sit with my left leg folded under me...and when I get into the car, I have to 'help' my left leg in....

Sorry...I'm over 5 (6 in January) years past treatment...I feel this is just a part of my life now...I should own stock in Ibuprophen....ROFL! I take Ibuprophen, and use heat, and just rest when I need to...Oh, and don't sit cross-legged...if someone asks, I'm very quick to pull out my 'cancer card'....lol!

(I don't let it get me down...I travel and live in 2 countries, I climb stairs (the Duomo in Florence, Italy-300 steps I went), and REFUSE to let this stop me...lol...cancer already got enough of my life...no more, if I can help it!!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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I thought I was alone and crazy. Thanks for the responses.If this is the worst thing out of the whole cancer thing ok. Laura

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Ever try a hot tub with super jets????? I swear by mine for everything. I have Bursitis in both hips. It shows up on all my PET scans. Onc always asks me if it is bothering me but it never has. I think because of that hot tub. When I broke my back last christmas I went out and bought it for that.... the benefit of it helping the Bursitis was a plus...as was the amazing way those jets made my feet feel. Just a suggestion...maybe a nearby gym or spa that has one you could use????? Take care.


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I, too, have hip pain and stiffness since radiation treatment for rectal cancer last year. A reminder: I had transanal excision, re-excision of a low T2 tumor (just above the dentate line), followed by 6 weeks of radiation and Xeloda. I've talked to all my doctors about it and I had the same response as you did. They hadn't heard of that being a side effect. My thinking is that if the vaginal, perineal, and rectum is damaged, why not the soft tissue, including ligaments, of the hips/pelvis?
I actually had some tightness before, mostly in my left hip, after a herniated disc last year (about 7 months prior to the cancer diagnosis) but this is much worse and on both sides.
I do stretches but not consistent at all, which isn't helpful, so I need to get back on that. Also, when sitting on the floor, I have discomfort in my ischials and sacrum. I'm fine sitting on any chair though.

This subject has come up before and there were quite a few people who had the same complaints we have. Still, the docs seem to be unaware of this problem.

I did Pilates from January to April of this year. Excellent instructor. It felt good to exercise that way, limited range of motion and all!
Hope you get some relief and let me know how you're doing.


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Thanks audrey because I also have a problem sitting on the floor but not in a chair.

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