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Results from MRI

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Hey folks and hope this day finds you all upbeat and feeling frisky:)

I told you I would update you on the MRI results of my back issues. First and foremost...NO CANCER evident in my spine!!! YAY!

My Onc. says the report states that I have several moderately compressed discs in my lower spine.She is sending me to a Neurologist to find out the details and recommendations. Gave me another script for opiates, which I despise, but need right now.

If anyone has had this problem and have any suggestions for me I am open.


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Double Yay on no cancer! Sorry you still have pain. I hope the neurologist will help. Someone else here may be a better help than me.

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Hi Pat, so very glad that there was NO CANCER found in the spine MRI.

Sorry that you are still dealing with pain, but hope that there is an easy solution to be had from the Neurologist.

Since it is a compression issue...maybe some gravity boots and some time hanging upside down...lol.

Best wishes for a speedy resoltuion.


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So glad to hear your results of no cancer! Sorry about the back problems.

I'm dealing with those after being rear-ended while stopped at a red light(ok kerry ... no comments from the peanut gallery! LOL) by a young girl talking on her cell phone. I hate to take pain meds too. My onc is concerned about possible bone mets as well and I will hopefully find out more about that after the first of the year. He wanted me to have some chemo treatments first before doing any more scans. I see a pain management specialist for my pain as my onc thinks it's the best way to go since it appears to be bone pain and he'd rather just focus on my chemo treatments and have the specialist focus on my pain whether it's bone mets or not. He said even if it turns out to be that he'd still have pain management see me.

I hope that you get some relief from your pain soon. so glad it isn't bone mets!

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Kerry S
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Hell, enjoy the percocet and kill the pain. Pain sucks.

My son had that problem and they did out patient surgery. Fixed his back quick. I think they just filled the space with liquid nails that they got from Lowes. Put a medical label on it and charged 2K for it.


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Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah.

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Sorry about the pain, but YAY for no cancer!!! Woohoo!!!!


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You might want to check into whether they have a pain clinic that you can go to.
From what I understand they can be quite helpful.
Wishing pain free.
Winter Marie

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Hi Pat, Congratulations on your good news! So happy for you!
I have not read your posts on what your back pain is like, but I too have the same problem and was DX about 4 years ago.
I did find that decompression helped (at physical therapy)...I wasn't hanging upside down like Marie suggested, (o:, but the funny thing is I told the therapist that is what I felt would help me, haha, and she did a pull type exercise with me, even though it didn't seem like much at the time it did help.
I had to stop the therapy due to insurance issues )o:...but I hope to return and also see a pain specialist like Lori mentioned.
Good luck and I hope you find what helps you be pain free. (o:

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I am soooooo happy for you that it is not cancer. I'm very sorry about the pain you're in. Dick has bad disks (L4 L5) and finds that walking, stretching, and exercise to strengthen his stomach helps. When he is totally immoble, like he was at times on chemo, his back flairs up. I hope you get some relief.


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Hey Pat wanted to say great news that your MRI showed no cancer in the back. I feel off a ladder from 20 feet and landed on my back on top of a fence a work about two years ago and so I know all about back pain. But with the help of doctors and then physical therapy I am fine now. I wish you a speedy recovery from this back stuff and hope you have a great holiday season.


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Just knowing that it isn't cancer has helped me to deal with this back pain much better.My doc wrote me another script for opiates. Seems like they are passing those things out like a bag of M&M's but when you go on the Percocet website there are big flags of warnings;(
Guess I just have this phobia concerning narcotics.

I have a problem with pain meds...they make me vomit.So, I have to take Phenergan each & every time I take pain meds. Gets old, being in that la-la land state.I'm going to try to see how long I can go w/out the meds today.Might be the wrong thing to do but hey, gotta' try to be a normal, functioning, productive human being ( yeah right...LOL )

Y'all have a beautiful day!


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Hi Pat,

I certainly understand the anxiety about taking pain meds. Remember when you try to not take your medicine your pain gets to a point that it's hard to control. Usually have to take more than you normally would to get on top of it. I have been in pain management for 10 years and it has been a life saver for me. There are so many different types of medications now, finding the right combination takes time. They should be able to find something that will work without you going to lala land. You need a good specialist to work with. I am forever grateful to my pain doctor.

Sending Big Hugs,


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I'm not feeling frisky (hooked up to pump today), but this news has definitely brightened my day!!
Hope you can solve your pain problems soon. I'm just so glad to know it's not cancer.

Lots of sparks,


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Pat Congratulations! Congratulations and Congratulations!

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