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Does too much sugar consumption lead to cancer or cancer growth?

hopeful girl 1
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I know there has been a lot published recently about how bad sugar is for the body, causing inflammation and such.

The pet scans use radioactive glucose which lights up the areas that are cancerous-as I read cancer is rapidly dividing and therefore needs a lot of sugar?

So, in conclusion does that mean too much sugar is bad--and can lead to cancer?

And also, what about natural sugars? Would using a juicer and drinking a glass of juice made by the squeezed fresh fruits be harmful as that is still a lot of sugar (although natural sugar?)

Has anyone read any info on this topic?

Thank you,


Cindy Bear
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Hi. I have heard this, and did some reading/research when my mother was ill.. I found some good info on the web that I'll try to copy and paste for you here.. basicaly it says to avoid simple sugars, soda pop, dessert, candy .. because too much simple sugar possibly affect hormones and also affects insulin production which is suspected in spurring some cancer growth. in fact, there is a lady on the ovarian cancer board that has actually been prescribed a diabetes drug for recurrence.. I found that interesting.. anyhow I hope this info. helps you.

" Here is the truth about sugar and cancer: Sugar does not 'feed' cancer. As with most 'semi-truths' and 'nutrition myths,' there is some truth to the concept that cancer cells 'love' sugar. Whether or not you have cancer, everyone should limit their intake of simple sugar. Simple sugar is the type of carbohydrate in foods such as desserts, candy, and regular soda pop.

Eating simple sugar may increase levels of certain hormones in the body; the key is that having a lot of sugar in the diet causes the body to produce a lot of insulin and insulin-like growth factor (IGF). Some of these hormones appear to fuel cancer cell growth.

On the other hand, complex carbohydrates are great cancer fighters. Complex carbohydrates should not be limited in the diet. Complex carbohydrates include vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and legumes. Eat as many of these foods as possible to get maximum cancer fighting nutrition!

However, the concept of sugar 'feeding' cancer is distorted and can be very confusing and causes unnecessary anxiety for patients diagnosed with cancer.

You don't have to avoid every bit of sugar in your diet. This is because there are other things that we eat that can greatly reduce how the body responds to the sugar in the diet. Three things will lower the body's production of insulin, when eaten along with even the simplest sugars. The three things that can lower insulin production when you eat sugar are:

As with most dietary issues, BALANCE is the way to eat the sugars that are found in healthy foods such as fruit, without producing excess insulin in the body.

Everyone should try to avoid PROCESSED sources of sugar. One of the major sources of sugar in the average American diet is regular soda pop. The sugar in soda pop is simple, highly refined (high fructose corn syrup) and in a liquid form. This means it is absorbed into the body very quickly. And when our bodies absorb sugar quickly, we produce more insulin. Soda pop is one thing that must be limited in the diet. Substituting water, tea, vegetable juice or other low-sugar options is a good goal.

Try to reduce baked goods, highly refined snack foods, cookies, cakes, snack treats, and other highly refined and processed items. There is no need to limit fruits. Eating fruit along with healthy sources of fat and protein and picking whole fruit over fruit juice is the way to include these healthy, nutrient-packed foods in a good cancer-fighting diet.

Cancer patients who already have a hard time getting sufficient calorie should not worry about eating foods containing sugar. You can still enjoy an ice cream!

hopeful girl 1
Posts: 454
Joined: May 2010

Thanks for that great info Cindy.
Very interesting.


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