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Is three days too long for Neulasta after Chemo?

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My husband had his first Chemo treatment this past Friday the 26th...and was told to return on Monday for the Neulasta.

From what I've read, this injection should be after 24 hours. Is there some information or web site that you can give me to put my fears at ease. Is it just because they are closed on the weekend? I want him to get what works best. Thanks ~ Joyce

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You are correct about the 24 hr time span after chemo for the injection. Anything less and they say hinders the chemo. the purpose of the neulasta is to speed up blood cell production. Waiting an extra 48 hrs should not cause any problems. I am sure the Center is aware of the time span and would not let it go too long if it would harm anything. John(FNHL-1-4A-5/10)

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I had to give myself a shot of that the morning after my treatment. It does help your body to produce more white cells. But it was somewhat painful about 2 days after. As far as when it should be given....I really can't say, but as I said, I did mine the morning after. Make sure and ask your doc...never be afraid to ask about ANYTHING.


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Thanks John and DenJ

I DID question the Doc the day (Monday) my husband got his first Neulasta shot. His response was '24 to 72 hours'.

I just haven't been able to find this time frame anywhere I've searched.

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Did you insurance cover the cost?  I've been cautioned that Medicare might not cover if more than 72 hours?  Thanks.

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Sandy Ray
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I was having problems with my blood counts dropping on day 14 instead of day 7 as expected.

I asked my Dr to delay the Neulasta shot for one week. He told me insurance would only cover if it was given within 24 to 72 hours after chemo treatment. 

So I think the 72 hours should be fine. I actually have been given the Neulasta onpro which is a dispenser they place on the back of your arm or stomach and it dispenses automatically at home 26-27 hours after they place it. Then you peel it off and your done. That may be an option in the future.

The only concern is that he gets it soon enough to get his counts up so as not to delay treatment. I would say the delay is not an issue.

This forum is a great place to find some good people already traveling the road you are headed down.

Stay strong and ask questions. Wishing you the best.

Sandy Ray

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