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Is this place a place to mention God??

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Wow I am really shocked at how some people have attacked me after I posted some scriptures. The subject line clearly showed the post was about religion. If you are a person who does not believe in God and this I totally respect then why would you even open up the post? We all have the God given ability to post what ever we feel might help others to fight this disease. If you don't believe in God that's fine but don't post negative feedback on the post you never should have opened. Honestly I don't post anything with the intent to piss anyone off or get them to believe in God it's to help other Christians gain strength in the fight with Cancer. I have never once said the only cure to cancer is through God and if you don't believe you will die for sure. Heck there are plenty of us Christians that die from cancer even though we pray every day. Only God knows when it's your time here on Earth and when it's time to go home to Heaven. I am totally new to this site and didn't try to offend anyone and if I did I am sorry for this. I will make sure in the future if I post anything religious I will make it totally clear in the subject line that it's for Christians only this way you will know not to open if that is not your cup of tea. This way nobody get offended but the ones who do want to read it have an opportunity to enjoy the word of God.


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There will always be someone whom objects. Don't worry about them.

Have Fun! mike

PS Congrats on having only 2 more. I am going in for round 5 of 12 this afternoon. I can not wait until this is over.

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Thank you Mike for your kind words and good luck and God Bless you during your fight and with rounds 5-12 I had round 10 today and I am wearing my lovely little 5FU bag for the next two days at home....Do you wear one also?

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The only way to find true peace, no matter what cancer may be doing, is to have faith.
Bless you and your family

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Nana b
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We have been there and done that. I have been on this board for over 2 years, this isn't new subject.

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Here we go again.


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Perhaps as a reply, where you could offer a prayer or quote an inspirational verse. Probably not as a primary post. As several have pointed out, there is a section of this board that is dedicated to faith issues.

Personally, I do not object to your faith, but I found Kerry's response appropriate and humorous.

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and tolerance. No matter what your beliefs. I think that whatever works for you and gives you those 3 things, then more power to you. I am not one to judge. Mostly for selfish reasons. I've found a common thread in my life that whenever I judge someone, I get to walk a mile in their shoes. I'd rather just wear my own shoes. They're tough enough to walk in.

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Hey guys I appreciate your being open to my posts dealing with religion. Trust me I am far from a bible preacher but God has helped me through this difficult time. I know in my heart that he has helped me and he is healing me. I guess my only issue is that if I post a thread with and in the subject line it says God or something to that effect then why should I have to watch what I say. I respect others in their beliefs in not to belief in God and on that same point why can't they respect a post I put in to help the MANY, MANY people who do follow a christian faith. This counrty was founded on a Christian foundation God is every where in our government heck it even says in god we trust on the money. More people in this country have some type of faith then those who have none yet the small group raises cain and gets things changed that have been around for over 200 years since this great country was created. Again I totally respect people who don't believe in God. I don't agree with them but I respect them my own son who is 19 does not believe as he was raised by his mother and she never took him to a church or got him into believing. I will say this that I will not throw religion in anyones face but I will certainly express my love for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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Blessings to you, Bobby!


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I believe this board is for folks to share their experiences with cancer and how they try to combat it. For many folks that includes a deity.
I accept prayers and blessings from anyone. I've asked for folks to pray for me. That includes Jews, Christians, Muslims, Buddhist, Hindu, Mormons, Native Americans, and many others. I personally want as much positive energy surrounding me as possible. Some folks can't handle the idea of a higher power and they are frightened by it. Instead of simply not reading religious posts, they get offended and scared by them and have them removed.
I personally don't see how anyone can confront cancer without confronting their mortality. Mortality is the fundamental basis for spirituality. So by confronting one you inevitably confront the other. Since there is no rational evidence reinforcing anyones particular belief, or lack thereof, it's openness for discussion should be accepted. However, this is not the case. Somehow people let their beliefs interfere with the fact some folks have cancer, and that spirituality might actually help some people. If it has helped you, please share it. For those whose egos don't allow them to even consider the possibility of something greater than themselves, let them flag your post or spew some nonsense. You know, I know, and others know that many people are helped spiritually, mentally, physically, and financially by their shared beliefs.

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Well said, I read lots posts, and reply some before, back ground: born in Taipei, Taiwan, have been living in USA since 1963, married to a white man, my family is Buddhist, I have been a Christian since early 70's. Was dx CC 2003 met. to liver and Lungs, over 3 years of chemo. and 5 surgeries, NED since AUG 2007 last chemo treatment was DEC 2007. Yes, my faith got me through. I appreciated Bobby spent time to write about how
God has helped him, if others wants to write what they belief, how thier God help them, I have no problem about that.

Winnie in Houston

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May God continue to bless you and watch over you each day. With God all things are possible even the things we as humans see as impossible.


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"Wow I am really shocked at how some people have attacked
me after I posted some scriptures."

No-one's attacked you, Bobby. But some of us have suggested that
you can prevent ill feelings, by posting religious scriptures and such,
to the forum designed for that, rather than to any of the other boards.
(Even our CSN Moderator has attempted to explain, *here*)

We're all here as a result of a common ailment, and we're all seeking
reasonable ways to best deal with it. This forum is dedicated to people
with colorectal cancer specifically, and the methods we've used to fight it.

The forum dedicated for religious comments, is here:
Spirituality, Prayer, and Meditation

Suggesting that people have "attacked you" over your religious beliefs,
only forms a division where there was no division before..

Please..... take this comment and suggestion in the context it was intended,
and not as an "attack". There's no need to create ill feelings, when it can
so easily be avoided by simply honoring simple policies.

My hopes to you. for a long, healthy life!


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exposure and teachings from many different religions and belief systems throughout my life. It has been by a combination/compilation of something from most of them that has lead me to a spiritual belief system that I am comfortable with. I would never claim it to be a religion but, a spiritual belief system. If it were not for teachings from all religions/systems, I would not have been able to be where I am now. While I use standard phrases like prayer, pray, and God, I don't necessarily subscribe to what most would probably think when I use those words, it is done for a common point of reference so that we might feel comfortable relating to one another. I have no opposition to anyone's belief system and think that we all need a system that works for us. I do understand that there might be some who are offended by certain beliefs as it is in opposition to their own and might make them uncomfortable. We are united in a fight and we each have our own artillary with which we fight our fight. The purpose of these boards is make everyone comfortable ... not uncomfortable. I would hope that we all work toward that goal no matter what our belief system.

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