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Need your help/advice

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My father passed away Saturday after fighting colorectal cancer for 7 years. We are getting requests for where to send donations. We would like the money to go to a foundation that supports patient advocacy, especially for colorectal cancer if possible. Dad always felt so lucky that his insurance coverage was so helpful and wanted to help others who didn't have coverage, or needed assistance for other associated costs. I've been searching on-line and found the Colorectal Care Line (associated with PAF). I'm curious whether any of you have dealt with them or whether you've heard positive or negative feedback.

Thanks for your help.

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I have experience with both organizations and they both are great. I will tell you that PAF was the most helpful of all the organizations. They assigned me an advocate manager who was caring, prompt and efficient. She went so far to make conference calls with me on the line while we negotiated my treatment and the costs associated with it. I am uninsured and without help from PAF, I might still be going around in circles trying to get very necessary things done. I can recommend them whole heartedly. As far as colorectal care line, they also help and they do help with associated costs such as transporation, parking, some medications. PAF also helps with these sort of costs but, I found PAF to be a bit more personal in their approach. I even helped them back by checking back in with my advocate manager and giving her all sorts of information regarding treatment and what the bottom lines were in accepted fees for chemo, follow ups and labs where I am being treated. so she could know how to best help others in my community.

I am also sorry to hear of your father's death. You and your family have my prayers. May he rest in peace.

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Nana b
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My condolences to you and your family. Raquel

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Thank you. We have so many wonderful memories to hold us up.

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Thank you for the greaat info about PAF. That sounds exactly like the type of organization my dad would want to help. I'm glad they were able to help you.

I'm going to miss my dad so much, but I am relieved that he is no longer in pain and is at peace. I'm not sure about the "resting" part since he has lots of people to look after from up there :-)


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I am so very sorry to hear that your Dad has passed away. After 7 years he was called home but he certainly beat the odds of seeing that 5 year marker. He must have been one heck of a man to kick cancers *** for that long. May God bless you and your family during this difficult period.


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He was one tough cookie, and an amazing man. God Blessed us to let us have him for all those years. We have so many people here to support us through this time, so we continue to be blessed!

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PAF (Patient Advocate Foundation)

For those that are not familiar with that acronym:

Patient Advocate Foundation

Please Save that link for future reference!


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I'm so sorry about your dad. Sounds like he really fought the good fight.


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He certainly fought the good fight; otherwise we never would have had him with us for so many years!


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Sorry to hear about your Dad's passing Danialle. I wish you and your family peace and care during this time.

PAF has been very helpful to me dealing with my insurance company and are easy to work with. I recommend them.

all the best, Leslie

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Dear Danialle,
How wonderful of you to spend the time researching a foundation to send donations to after your father's death. I'm sure he's looking over you with a few tears of joy in his eyes at your thoughtfulness, and thinking you're "superhero strong" in his mind.
I'm sorry for the loss of your father's physical being, but glad you seem to have his spirit being in your heart, and able to understand he's in a better place at this time.
I have no suggestions, so sorry about that. I just wanted to let you know, how proud we are here on the CSN, that you are taking the time, to in essence help us all, by directing donations to any part of research or help for those with Colorectal Cancer.
I humbly thank you.
Winter Marie

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I am so very sorry for your loss.

Your love and admiration for your father come through in your posts.

May the wonderful memories fill your heart.


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Sorry to hear of your Father's passing. You are such a special lady who has done so much for so many people. Please know that we are all thinking about you and your family.

Take care,


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I am so sorry for the loss of of your father. You are a terrific daughter + I know he must have been very proud of you.

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