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Myxoid Liposarcoma

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Hi, I just joined so I'm new to all of this. I think I might have Liposarcoma. All the doctors that I've met with are not 100% sure as to what they are treating. But after reading more this seems more like what I have. I had Melanoma 7 years ago. Then I found a lump on my right thigh this past summer. My main doctor said it was nothing and not to worry about it. My skin doctor sent me to a surgeon and then after that I saw a Surgeon Oncologist for more surgery. Everything came back clear. But now I will start to have radiation just to make sure it's gone. I've read some older post on this does anyone have any recent post on this type of cancer, I would like more information. Thank you. MLA

Posts: 2
Joined: Nov 2010

Please see my comment on the other myxoid liposarcoma thread. I have lots of answers on this type of cancer, since my wife was recently battling it the past four years. You can contact me through my facebook page I created for her and I will help any way that I can.

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