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Let's play a round of diagnose Me -

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OK, I know this sounds really wierd but here goes...

For the past week or so, I've noticed this regular kind of tickle or rumblimg in my liver area.

It feels kind of like a reverberation/electric combined with how "butterflies" in your stomach feel.

It's very regular. It doesn't hurt at all but just not a normal bodily thing with me.
And of course I'm inspecting every damn Poop, which seem on the thin side, which was the beginning of the hell and I have scans coming up in a few weeks..

Dayum, I hate this.


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Nope, doesn't really sound weird to me Peggy:) I absolutely can relate.

Good luck on your upcoming scans.Try not to worry.


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Nana b
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Remember your liver is not only getting back to normal, you also have scar damage in there. I have had thin stools and a colonoscopy and I am fine. Remember scans don't show what is going on in the intestines, get your colonoscopy's too.

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I bet you're just fine, but I do understand the anxiety. Just about every other day I think maybe I should call my doctor in to inspect my poop. See that? It's too skinny, right? Should it be that dark? Was that a bit of blood I just wiped away?

Get checked so you can have relief.


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