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Testosterone treatments after radical prostatectomy

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Hi everyone

My urologist recently performend bloodwork and determined that my testosterone levels were low. I am 50 years old and have had undetectable PSA since my DaVinci surgery in September 2007. My urologist believes that my cancer is cured. That post op pathology report indicated clean margins, no invasion of SV, Gleason 3+3.

My doc believes there is minimal risk to beginning testosterone therapy at this point.

Does anyone out there have any experience with this?



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My experience is with the prostate cancer element of the situation.
IF you have been measured by an ultrasensitive (<0.01) measure of psa, and
IF you have a copy of your pathology report and have read it and understand it fully, and
IF you were low or very low risk disease, by standards (psa < 10 at treatment, fewer than 5 {or 3} cores positive at biopsy), and
IF you have symptoms of low T, and
IF the urologist is prepared to follow your situation with regular monitoring, and
If YOU want to undertake this treatment
Then with the consultation of your GP you may consider if the cost and risk are worth the potential benefit.

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I think tarhoosier has made some good points here. First, how "low" is your testosterone level and has it affected any other aspect of your life such as libido, energy, and so forth? We all know that testosterone feeds and triggers prostate cancer. Even though you're three years out from your RP and you had a fantastic post surgery pathology report, this forum seems to be hearing from an increasing number of men who are experiencing prostate cancer recurrence several years after their prostates were removed.

I personally don't think any of the treatments today "cure" prostate cancer. Given enough time I believe it will almost always come back and given your young age and long expected lifetime, it is something you could very well see several years from now.

Of course, if you're laying around all the time without energy, are growing breasts, and spend the day watching soap operas and crying over Oprah episodes...then maybe you need to kick up your T-levels a bit.

I would just be cautious and if you are not seeing any physical or emotional impact of low testosterone levels, why would you want to boost them up? Something to ask your urologist about.

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