Made it through Thanksgiving and Mom's Birthday.....

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Not sure how exactly, but we did.

I have never made the entire Thanksgiving dinner, until now. I did pretty good, even on the age old family tradition of homemade noodles! It was sad and different without mom. Even more so, my brother decided to go out of town to our step sisters for the holiday and my stepdad wanted to lay low and not come over.

We had my husbands dad and aunt over, since his mom passed just barely 5 weeks after mom. (Sept 23/Oct 24). (she had esophageal cancer)

My oldest son was a HUGE help!!! (21) We pulled it off together.

Later I took my Mimi a plate, moms mother, she is 85 and in a nursing home, onery as a snake, she will out live us all! I had a panic attack of sorts on the way to see her, she forgets that mom has passed. It was an emotional visit as she realized once again that her 3 kids were all gone.....

Saturday would have been mom's 67th birthday. Me, my husband and stepdad went done to one of her favorite spots, a resteraunt on the lake and released balloons for her birthday. Bitter sweet.

So, the tree is up and we will hold our breath for a few weeks and do it all over.

Hope everyone got through the holiday weekend, my best to you all, be good to yourselves.



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    The Holidays
    Well, we have one holiday behind us and it sounds like we all made it through. On to the next holiday. I used to love the holidays, now they are just a burden. Hope I get to the point of looking forward to them again. Best wishes.